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Network News: May 25 – June 1, 2012

In The Spotlight

Collaboration Keeps ’Em Coming

Since Chesapeake Energy has been making national headlines as of late, our StateImpact reporters in Texas, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma decided to join forces and craft an excellent backgrounder on the company. The collaboration paid off and has been drawing steady traffic to each of their sites ever since. Collaborations make us look gooood.

Data Score Results In A Big Scoop

Emilie Ritter-Saunders of StateImpact Idaho broke a great story this week. After a solar Emiliecompany announced layoffs, she looked back into a database she kept from a previous story and found that they had received state money for training just this year. “I was really excited I had this story before anyone else here — and it got the Statesman to also request the data and report the story the next day!”  The state’s most popular blog, hosted on the Spokesman-Review site, also did a post on her scoop. The takeaway? Building and keeping a data library can lead to some stellar reporting.

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