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Kyle Stokes/StateImpact Indiana

Bessie the Cow

In the Spotlight: Farmer Kyle

StateImpact Indiana reporter Kyle Stokes‘ video explainer on school funding made a splash with audiences across the country last week.

He was perfect: he mastered his subject, presented it clearly and even introduced the newly crowned StateImpact mascot, Bessie the Cow to the world. Thanks, Kyle, for your willingness to explore new storytelling frontiers. We are all better off for it.

For those of you hoping to try this at home:

Not to say that we aren’t all extremely impressed with Stokes’ ability to explain the complex world of school funding in 10 minutes–an impressive feat. Check it out. And well done, Indiana.

Last Week’s Reader Faves

Most visited stories last week, in raw numbers:

  1. Oklahoma: Oil Espionage: Traders Spy on Oklahoma Hub With Satellites, Sensors and Infrared Cameras
  2. TexasJust How Strong Were Weekend Earthquakes in Dallas?
  3. TexasHow Fracking Disposal Wells Are Causing Earthquakes in Dallas-Fort Worth 
  4. Ohio: Issue 2
  5. Texas: Keystone XL Pipeline

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  1. Oklahoma: Oil Espionage: Traders Spy on Oklahoma Hub With Satellites, Sensors and Infrared Cameras
  2. New HampshireState Workers: Overpaid, Underpaid, Or Just Right? 
  3. IdahoWhy Idaho’s Doctor Shortage Won’t Be Easy To Solve
  4. TexasJust How Strong Were Weekend Earthquakes in Dallas?
  5. OhioIssue 2
  6. Pennsylvania: Shale Play: Fracking Map
  7. Indiana: Full Text: Tony Bennett’s State Of Education Address & Glenda Ritz’s Response
  8. Florida: Will Amendment 8 Allow Florida To Fund Religious Schools? Not Directly

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  • keystone pipeline
  • fracking
  • issue 2
  • dallas earthquake
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This week:

  • Ms. Clemetson is on the road again, this time in Miami, where StateImpact and WLRN are teaming up with Tell Me More for our first ever Twitter Forum, which will explore the wild world of education reform. Be sure to tune in to your local station or listen to our live stream on Tell Me More’s site. The show will feature US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, along with StateImpact Florida reporters John O’Connor and Sarah Gonzalez. You can join the conversation happening all day long (and hopefully long after) at #npredchat. Please do join us!

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