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In Pa., climate change can increase flooding risk in places that rarely worried about it. This community is seeking solutions

The intense storms that cause flash floods are likely to become more common in Pennsylvania with climate change, and they’re happening outside historical floodplains.

By Rachel McDevitt

In Pa. cities, street trees can help cool ever-hotter temps. But they present their own problems to solve

Places like Harrisburg are planting more trees to improve the urban canopy. But if roots of trees buckle a sidewalk, for example, a homeowner is on the hook — which leads some to resist.

By Adriana Delagarza

Activists bring climate clock to Pennsylvania capitol to urge lawmaker action

Unveiling the clock was the final piece of a three-day event called the Pennsylvania Climate Convergence.

By Rachel McDevitt

Driving an EV in Pennsylvania: range anxiety, charging and maintenance

EVs are one solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation – which makes up a third of the country’s emissions.

By Rachel McDevitt