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North Dakota’s Fracking Boom Brings Complications With It

In Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale, hydraulic fracturing is used to access natural gas. In North Dakota’s Bakken, they’re fracking for oil. North Dakota’s fracking boom is increasing domestic oil production – it’s now responsible for one in ten domestic barrels produced. Soon, some of that oil will be processed at Sunoco’s Philadelphia refinery. But as the Washington Post [...]

Krugman Compares Pennsylvania’s Shale Boom To North Dakota’s

Every liberal’s favorite economist, Paul Krugman, has put together an interesting blog post comparing Pennsylvania’s energy economy to North Dakota’s. Both states have seen a major uptick in oil and gas drilling jobs, due to advances in hydraulic fracturing technology. But while North Dakota’s shale oil boom has kept unemployment there below 4 percent, Pennsylvania’s [...]

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