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Who's in The Marcellus Shale Coalition, and What Does It Do?


The Marcellus Shale Coalition is the drilling industry’s top trade group within Pennsylvania.

40 energy companies, including Range Resources, Chesapeake Energy, Cabot Oil and Gas, and Shell Appalachia, are full members of the coalition. More than 100 companies with ancillary ties to the drilling industry are associate members. Companies pay $50,000 for full membership, and $15,000 for associate dues.

According to its website, the MSC “is an organization committed to the responsible development of natural gas from the Marcellus Shale geological formation and the enhancement of the region’s economy that can be realized by this clean-burning energy source. The members of the coalition work with our partners across the region to address issues with regulators, local, county, state and federal government officials and communities about all aspects of producing clean-burning, job-creating natural gas from the Marcellus Shale.”

For all intents and purposes, the coalition is the primary public face of the natural gas drilling industry. Its staffers work to influence drilling-related legislation, stage conferences and educational events on gas extraction, and represent the industry in the press.

David Spigelmyer currently serves as president and CEO of the coalition.

Spigelmyer is a former vice president of government relations for Chesapeake Energy’s Appalachia Division. He also served as chairman of the MSC’s executive board.

He replaced Kathryn Klaber who had served as the coalition’s President and CEO since it was founded in 2008.


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