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EPA’s new rule limits states’ ability to regulate pipelines under the Clean Water Act

The EPA’s new rule reverses 50 years of practice regarding how states protect water supplies from large infrastructure projects.

By Susan Phillips

Could sea level rise elevate the reputation of an invasive reed?

Phragmites have invaded wetlands and pushed out native plants, but some say the hated reed could help in the battle against climate change.

By Susan Phillips and Maddy Lauria/Delaware News Journal

Environmentalists call for full fracking ban in the Delaware River watershed

The Delaware River Basin Commission has a de facto ban on fracking in place, but it is considering new rules that would include allowing the storage, treatment, and disposal of fracking waste, and the removal of water for fracking in other places.

By Joe Hernandez/WHYY

Updated: 2019-05-06 16:12:49

PFAS chemicals have contaminated 17 sites in Pennsylvania, data shows

Mapping of public data shows PFAS-contaminated sites exist across the country
By Jon Hurdle

Pennsylvania commits to Paris Agreement climate goals; state’s plan calls for 80 percent carbon cuts by 2050

Pennsylvania becomes the 24th state to join the U.S. Climate Alliance
By Susan Phillips

Suburban Philadelphia state senators seek answers from DEP chief over Mariner East pipeline

The lawmakers say Patrick McDonnell's re-appointment should be delayed until pipeline investigations are complete
By Susan Phillips

Updated: 2019-04-16 09:07:55

Wolf’s PFAS Action Team gives update on water-testing plans to frustrated Pa. residents

The state’s actions include sampling urine, dust, and water from Bucks and Montgomery county residents whose blood was already tested. Some people at Monday’s meeting said Pennsylvania isn’t moving fast enough to deal with the family of toxic chemicals.

By Dana Bate/WHYY