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Senate Impact Fee Vote Shines Light On How Bills Are Passed

The state Senate’s Environmental Resources and Energy Committee is set to consider and approve the House’s impact fee today. “What’s that?” You may be wondering. “Legislative leaders have reached an agreement on how much to charge drillers, who would collect an impact fee, and other outstanding disagreements?” Not at all. Today’s vote is the latest [...]

Corbett Still Pushing To Preempt Local Drilling Ordinances

A brief note in this morning’s Pipeline morning links adds an interesting dynamic to behind-the-scenes impact fee negotiations. The Post-Gazette’s Laura Olson covered an energy forum in Hershey yesterday, which Governor Corbett attended. She writes, “Gov. Tom Corbett declined to take questions yesterday about the discussion to craft a compromise Marcellus Shale measure, thought his [...]

Former DEP Secretary Offers Impact Fee Suggestions

As we’ve reported, the next step on the impact fee front will happen behind closed doors. There are several major differences between the measures passed by the House and Senate last week. Before either chamber holds another vote, House and Senate leaders will need to get together and work out a compromise. A key player [...]

Corbett And Norquist Disagree On Tax Definition

Grover Norquist is now calling Corbett’s county-level Marcellus Shale impact fee a tax. So something’s got to give, right? Apparently not. Speaking to the Pennsylvania Press Club this afternoon, Corbett said he “disagree[s] with [Norquist's] opinion on that.” Norquist – who’s a big fan of Corbett, to the point of floating him as a possible [...]

House Passes Impact Fee On 107-76 Vote

On a 107-76 vote, the state House approved a wide-ranging Marcellus Shale measure this afternoon. The bill would impose a $40,000-$10,000-per-well impact fee on drillers, and distribute the revenue to county, municipal and state government programs. The vote is a victory for Governor Corbett, whose administration authored the bulk of HB 1950′s language. It comes [...]

House Readies For Impact Fee Vote

Pennsylvania’s House is debating its Marcellus Shale impact fee this afternoon, with the goal of a final vote by day’s end. It’s a lively debate: lawmakers have already quoted Ke$ha and referenced the JFK assassination. But most of the major points being made are the same issues lawmakers have been talking about since the first [...]

Leadership-Backed Amendment Eliminates House Bill’s Local Preemptions

Update: after a lengthy floor debate, the amendment passed just before 7:30 PM on a 110-85 vote. A major development in the impact fee debate is underway on the House floor. Republican Representative Matt Baker has offered an amendment eliminating HB 1950′s language “superseding and preempting” local zoning regulations. His amendment, which is backed by [...]

Do This Week’s Impact Fee Votes Matter? It’s Complicated

After years of debate on the issue, both the state House and Senate will vote on Marcellus Shale impact fee bills this week. The Senate will likely approve its measure this afternoon or evening. A House vote could come as early as Wednesday. (The chamber is debating the measure now, but has more than 100 [...]

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