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Fracking Earthquakes

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Spate of small earthquakes shuts down fracking activity in Lawrence County

A series of five small earthquakes within the space of 24 hours in Lawrence County, near the Ohio border, has led to the shutdown of nearby fracking operations. The earthquakes range in magnitude from 1.69 on the richter scale to 1.91, which are small and typically not felt on the surface. The quakes occurred just [...]

Congressional Watch-Dog Warns Fracking Waste Could Threaten Drinking Water

The Government Accountability Office says new risks from underground injections of oil and gas waste could harm drinking water supplies, and the EPA needs to step up both oversight and enforcement. The GAO released a study on Monday detailing the EPA’s role in overseeing the nation’s 172,000 wells, which either dispose of oil and gas [...]

Wastewater Wells, Geothermal Power Linked to Increased Earthquakes

New research published this week in the journal Science finds an increase in small earthquakes  may be related to industrial wastewater being pumped into underground storage wells. Although small earthquakes happen every day across the U.S., the numbers have been going up. The research reveals two reasons for this: large earthquakes that occur around the globe, and [...]

Fracking Earthquakes Shake Canada

More reports of drilling related earthquakes have surfaced, this time from our northern neighbor Canada. In past reports, deep injection wells, used to dispose of fracking waste water were the cause. But this time, it’s the fracking itself. Energy Wire reports on a study that links quakes in British Columbia to fracking operations near faults [...]

Top Government Geologist Says Data Lacking on Wastewater Disposal Links to Earthquakes

One of the government’s top experts on earthquakes says a lack of data makes it difficult to assess the connection between wastewater disposal wells and earthquakes. A natural gas wastewater disposal well in Youngstown, Ohio made headlines on New Year’s Eve when it caused a 4.0 magnitude earthquake. The U.S. Geological survey released a report [...]

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