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Environmental group asks court to order lawmakers pay back money meant for conservation

The Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation said lawmakers have taken $1.3 billion dollars from a conservation fund to pay for other things since 2009.

By Rachel McDevitt

In boost for environmental rights, Supreme Court rules drilling revenue from state forests must be used for conservation

The Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation has been fighting for years to keep hundreds of millions of dollars generated by oil and gas leases in state forests from going into the state’s general fund.

By Rachel McDevitt

After some awkward moments, kids dressed as the Lorax got to meet Gov. Wolf — and make their point

Wolf staffers initially said he was busy, but the children saw him walking into his office and pressured him to meet.

By Marie Cusick

Watch this week: The story of environmental rights in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania was among the first governments in the world to guarantee its citizens the right to a clean environment. In practice, that didn’t mean much — until now.

By Marie Cusick

With policy change, nearly a third of Pennsylvanians live in ‘environmental justice’ areas

Applications for certain things in environmental justice areas — like landfills or coal mines — are on a “trigger permit list” and get more scrutiny from the state Department of Environmental Protection. 

By Marie Cusick