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EPA: new emissions rules for refineries would protect neighboring communities

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing new emissions rules for refineries aimed at protecting neighborhoods nearby from toxic pollutants, the department announced today. Refineries would be required to measure concentrations of benzene at the fence lines that separate the industrial facilities from the surrounding communities and to make the data publicly available. According to the [...]

Elk County township prepares for battle against deep injection well

A small town in Northwest Pennsylvania is gearing up for what could potentially be a big battle against Seneca Resources over a drilling wastewater disposal well. In January, the Environmental Protection Agency approved Seneca’s application to operate a deep injection well in Highland Township – despite a local ordinance passed in 2013 banning such wells [...]

EPA approves waste disposal well in Clearfield County

Federal environmental regulators issued a permit on Friday for an underground injection well in Clearfield County that will be used to dispose of oil and gas waste liquids. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved the permit for Windfall Oil and Gas of Falls Creek, Pa. to build and operate a disposal well in Brady Township. The [...]

Exports keeping coal industry alive despite surge in natural gas

The surge in U.S. oil and natural gas production and increasing efforts to regulate emissions from coal-fired power plants has caused business leaders and analysts to question king coal’s rank in the energy economy. Last month, the Energy Information Administration forecasted that natural gas will surpass coal as the number one source of electricity generation [...]

Corbett signs petition calling for tighter pollution controls in upwind states

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has added his name to the list of governors in the Northeast who want the federal government to require upwind states to reduce ozone emissions. Eight democratic governors signed a petition Monday calling on the EPA to expand the Ozone Transport Region to nine states in the Midwest. The OTR is [...]

East Coast states petition EPA to crack down on out-of-state air pollution

Pennsylvania is part of a group of 12 states in the Northeast known as the Ozone Transport Commission that has been held to some of the country’s strictest air pollution standards for the last decade. But governors from eight of those states say their efforts have been thwarted by air pollution blowing from neighboring states [...]

EPA moves ahead on climate plans despite Supreme Court challenge

EPA officials were in Philadelphia Friday to get public feedback for the next phase of the Obama administration’s Climate Action Plan: limiting carbon emissions from currently operating power plants. The EPA has already put rules on the table seeking to curb emissions from all new coal- and natural gas-fired power plants. That proposal is being challenged [...]

The Ins and Outs of the EPA on WHYY’s Radio Times

WHYY Radio Times host Mary Moss-Coane spoke to energy reporters Erica Martinson from POLITICO Pro and John Cushman, Jr. from InsideClimate News Wednesday morning about the role of the Environmental Protection Agency under the Obama Administration. If you missed the broadcast, you can listen here. The conversation began with a look at the EPA’s latest proposal [...]

Supreme Court takes up challenge to Obama administration’s carbon limits

The Supreme Court has agreed to take on a major environmental challenge in the first day of its term. The justices will consider a case against the Environmental Protection Agency’s carbon limits, the Obama administration’s first major proposal to address climate change by cutting greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. SCOTUSblog reports the court accepted six [...]

Study, cleanup under way in PA streams contaminated by wastewater radiation

A study published by the journal Environmental Science & Technology last week brought widespread attention to a fact Pennsylvania regulators have known for over two years: Radioactive material in treated oil and gas wastewater has accumulated in the stream sediment near a discharge pipe for a western Pennsylvania treatment plant. According to a Department of [...]

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