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Morning Edition: “The Frackers” author on what more U.S. oil means for geopolitics

Yesterday the U.S. Energy Department announced a milestone last seen nearly two decades ago: the United States produced more crude oil in a month than it imported. Morning Edition spoke with Wall Street Journal reporter Gregory Zuckerman, author of The Frackers, about the geopolitical implications of that increased domestic energy production. Zuckerman (not to be [...]

On oil embargo’s 40th anniversary, has shale drilling changed the game?

Speaking to a ballroom packed with members of the natural gas industry at a conference in Philadelphia last month, Lt. Governor Jim Cawley recalled with disdain the days of waiting on gas lines to fill up cars, trucks, and lawn mowers. Some members of the audience nodded along, perhaps stirred by their own memories of 1973. [...]

The Costs of Energy

On Tuesday, we published a story on the near impossible task of reaching energy independence. Our friends at PRI’s The World simultaneously aired a story that answers questions on why tapping new sources of fossil fuels won’t help the U.S., or any country, get off the treadmill. The answer? It’s a lot more energy intensive [...]

Energy Independence More Rhetoric Than Reality

The phrase “energy independence” has made its way back to America’s airwaves this election season. You’ve heard it on the campaign trail. You’ve heard it in the debates. But what does it mean and is it even a worthy goal? American voters have heard promises of energy independence since the Arab oil embargo of 1973. [...]

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