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DEP delays deep injection well decisions

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has delayed decisions on controversial deep injection well permits, while waiting for rulings from the federal courts. The siting of the deep injection wells became federal cases after local municipalities passed ordinances to ban the drilling waste disposal wells. It’s the first time DEP has taken such a position and [...]

Congressional Watch-Dog Warns Fracking Waste Could Threaten Drinking Water

The Government Accountability Office says new risks from underground injections of oil and gas waste could harm drinking water supplies, and the EPA needs to step up both oversight and enforcement. The GAO released a study on Monday detailing the EPA’s role in overseeing the nation’s 172,000 wells, which either dispose of oil and gas [...]

New Deep Injection Wells Planned for Elk and Clearfield Counties

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued draft permits for fracking wastewater disposal wells in both Elk and Clearfield counties. The state has only five permitted and operating underground injection disposal wells that take wastewater from oil and gas production.  The EPA has issued final permits for two injection wells in Warren County, but they’re under appeal [...]

$20 Million Coal Facility Opens In Clearfield County

A new $20 million coal cleaning operation is opening its doors in Clearfield County. WJAC reports the plant will ultimately employ around 20 people: The new plant sits on a 50-acre site and will utilize water from Clearfield creek. The creek will assist with cleaning mid-vol bituminous coal that is mined into a higher quality [...]

No Rest for Retirees: Fractivism Becomes a Full-Time Job

Imagine what you’d like to do when you retire. Spend more time with the grand kids, travel, garden, relax? A lot of retirees living in natural gas drilling areas of the state have these same dreams. But they’re now finding themselves fighting the gas industry. Rick and Marianne Atkinson live on 100 acres in Brady [...]

Township Supervisors Seek Stricter Regulation of Disposal Wells

The head of the state’s township supervisor’s lobbying organization has come out in favor of greater regulation of deep injection wells. David Sanko, executive director of the Pennsylvania State Association of Townhip Supervisors, recently wrote a letter to Gov. Corbett asking him to adopt measures similar to the state of Ohio. Deep injection wells that [...]

Krancer Says No Worries Over Deep Injection Wells

Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Michael Krancer says deep injection wells are not “an issue that the Commonwealth needs to grapple with at this time.” Deep injection wells take fracking waste water and send it deep within crevices of the earth. Only five of these wells are currently operating in the state. Krancer wrote a letter [...]

Clearfield County Residents Worry About Planned Disposal Well

A group of residents from Brady Township, Clearfield County say their residential neighborhood is not the place for a deep disposal well taking Marcellus wastewater. The residents, and local politicians from Clearfield County met with EPA officials earlier this week to discuss a plan to build a new disposal well in the tiny city of [...]

Earth First Shuts Down Drilling Site in Moshannon State Forest

Update 9:30 pm: A blockade against natural gas drilling at a well site in Moshannon State Forest that began Sunday morning has been dismantled by police, according to protestors. Witnesses say police used a cherry picker to remove two tree-sitters this evening at about 8:30 pm. Alex Lotorto, a protester who joined a rally at [...]

Deep Injection Well Construction Booms Despite Push to Recycle

Drillers use deep injection wells as one option to dispose of drilling waste deep underground. EnergyWire reports on the number of waste disposal wells under construction, or pending permits, in Ohio and Pennsylvania. “In Ohio, 16 new wells are under construction to take waste “brine” from oil and gas wells. Seven have been granted permits but [...]

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