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New water-quality rule expected to affect energy companies

Pennsylvania’s energy companies are expected to be among businesses that will be affected by a new federal rule extending the protection of the Clean Water Act to small tributaries and other waterways that feed major rivers supplying drinking water to millions of people. Operators of natural gas rigs or builders of pipelines will likely have [...]

USGS: Fracking water quality data “scarce”

Researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey say there’s just not enough data to figure out the impact of fracking on water quality. The American Geophysical Union’s Water Resources Research published an article about the USGS study today.   “We mined the national water-quality databases from 1970 – 2010 and were able to assess long-term trends in [...]

Feds fine Marcellus driller XTO $2.3 million

The Environmental Protection Agency, along with the Department of Justice, have fined XTO, a subsidiary of ExxonMobile, $2.3 million for violating the Clean Water Act. The damage to streams and wetlands took place in West Virginia and includes an estimated $3 million remediation price tag. During drilling operations at eight separate sites, the company dumped [...]

Enviros threaten to sue over sewage spills in Valley Forge trout stream

Two environmental groups are threatening to sue a Chester County township over multiple sewer line breaks near Valley Forge National Historical Park that polluted a prized trout stream. A major rupture in March shut down the park for nearly two days. Between four and five million gallons of raw sewage flowed into Valley Creek when [...]

Environmental groups sue regulators to protect Delaware River fish from energy facilities

Environmental groups claim 3 billion fish are being killed every year by two energy facilities along the Delaware River. The groups, including the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and the Sierra Club, are suing state regulators in Delaware and New Jersey to enforce federal rules that would protect the fish. The Delaware City Refinery’s cooling system sucks in millions of [...]

EPA Fines XTO Energy for Lycoming County Frack Water Spills

The Environmental Protection Agency has fined XTO Energy, a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil, $100,000 for violating the federal Clean Water Act. The company’s drilling operations discharged between 6,300 and 57,373 gallons of waste water into the Susquehanna river system in Penn Township, Lycoming County. The waste water contained high levels of strontium, chloride, bromide, barium, [...]

Chloride Levels Remain Unregulated in Pennsylvania Waters

More than two years after the New York Times revealed how poorly equipped wastewater treatment facilities were discharging toxic substances from natural gas drilling into Pennsylvania’s rivers and streams, the state still has no water quality standards for chloride and sulfates. On Thursday, the state’s Independent Regulatory Review Commission, or IRRC, approved new water quality standards [...]

EPA Fines Marcellus Driller for Clean Water Violations

The Environmental Protection Agency fined a company $177,500 for dumping wastewater into headwater streams in northern West Virginia, which supply water for the Monongahela River basin. The EPA says PDC Mountaineer disposed of material, filled in wetlands, and relocated culverts at four well sites, all without permits. PDC Mountaineer’s Marcellus Shale drilling activities impacted an [...]

Burning Question: What Would Life Be Like Without the Halliburton Loophole?

Dick Cheney Speaks At The American Enterprise Institute

Our most popular Burning Question, as voted on by  StateImpact readers, is one that came from Howard Weissman. Weissman wants to know what the impact would be if federal regulations that apply to other industries were applied to the natural gas industry. Here’s Howard’s query: Even though I don’t live in Pennsylvania (I’m in Delaware) I [...]

EPA Fines Luzerne County Battery Plant for Violating the Clean Water Act

Koehler-Bright Star Inc., a battery manufacturer in Hanover Township settled a case with the Environmental Protection Agency by agreeing to pay $60,000 dollars. Federal environmental regulators say Koehler-Bright Star dumped wastewater containing high levels of lead and copper to the Wyoming Valley Sanitary Sewer Authority facility in Hanover for five years, from 2005 to 2010. [...]

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