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From Food To Fuel: Olive Oil Powers Pittsburgh Truck

Is the next new fuel fad….olive oil? The organizers of a Pittsburgh-area effort aimed at collecting used oil from restaurants and turning it into biofuels hope so. The Post-Gazette has the details on an olive and vegetable oil-fueled truck that’s driving from eatery to eatery in Oakland.  It’s GTECH Strategies’ alternative-energy vehicle in a pilot campaign to [...]

The Energy Information Administration’s New Report, In Four Charts

The analysts at the United States Energy Information Administration released their preliminary annual report on energy use Wednesday afternoon. (The full document won’t come out until early next year.) The forecast aims to predict domestic energy production, use and cost over the next three decades. What’s  it say? Here are some highlights from in four easy-to-understand charts. [...]

U.S. Senate Gives Navy Biofuel Program A Second Chance

Checking in on broader energy trends: The U.S. Senate has voted to give a U.S. Navy alternative energy program a second shot. A $170 million effort to convert half of the Navy’s fuel supply to alternative sources by 2020 was torpedoed by both the House and Senate Armed Services Committees earlier this year. Both panels [...]

Energy Department Grant Will Promote Nat Gas Vehicles in Philadelphia Area

The Department of Energy has awarded the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission $319,000 to promote the use of natural gas, propane, and electric powered school busses and trash trucks throughout the Philadelphia region. The DVRPC directs regional cooperation among four counties in Pennsylvania, and four in New Jersey. The DOE says the grant will be [...]

The Alternative Energy Sector Awaits Tuesday’s Results

The folks at FuelFix point out alternative energy may have more riding on tomorrow’s presidential results than any other sector: No other industry outside Detroit has been as closely aligned with President Obama’s policies. Obama touted green jobs as the key to America’s economic revival and showered $90 billion in stimulus funding on makers of [...]

BP Steps Up Construction For Wyoming County Wind Project

Wind turbines aren’t the first things you’d associate with BP, but the global energy giant is expanding its alternative energy operations. As the Citizens Voice reports, BP is constructing a 9,000-acre, 85-turbine wind project in Wyoming County: BP Wind Energy pulled out all the stops Monday to announce that its 9,000-acre Mehoopany Wind Farm in [...]

Allentown’s Environmental Advisory Board Doesn’t Like New Power Plant

Electric company PPL is making plants to expand an Allentown power plant, with the goal of turning trash and sewage into methane gas.  Allentown City Council approved a 25-year agreement last month: the city will supply the sewage-generated gas, and purchase the power. One problem: the city’s Environmental Advisory Board doesn’t like the plan. The [...]

Alternative Energy Can Be Unpredictable

Alternative energy sources have their positives, but as NPR reported this morning, the more an energy grid utilizes wind, solar and other unconventional forms of energy, the tougher it is to control and maintain the supply: Electricity has to keep flowing all the time. Grid operators constantly match what power plants are producing with what [...]

Toomey Reacts To Obama’s Energy Agenda

Pennsylvania’s Republican U.S. Senator, Pat Toomey, said he was “disappointed” by President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. That’s despite the relatively low expectations Toomey said he carried into the speech. Toomey spoke to reporters during a Tuesday night conference call. What about Obama’s call for expanded natural gas drilling? Toomey said he was [...]

2010 Butter Sculpture Was Converted Into Biodiesel

A follow-up to this morning’s post about the Farm Show’s butter sculpture: commenter Don Scott shared a link to a 2010 New York Times article about how another piece of butter art was turned into energy. The impetus was an 800-pound sculpture of Benjamin Franklin and the Liberty Bell. Each year the Pennsylvania Farm Show, [...]

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