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Map: Ohio Wells Taking In Millions Of Gallons Of Pennsylvania Drilling Waste

Where does Pennsylvania’s used fracking fluid go? More and more of it is being shipped to Ohio, where it’s deposited in deep injection wells.

These wells have come under fire lately, due to a Youngstown-area site’s tie to 12 earthquakes.

Over the past three years, Ohio wells have taken in about 150 million gallons (or more than 3.5 million barrels) of drilling waste from the state of Pennsylvania alone.

The map below displays only the locations of Pennsylvania drillers’ waste injected from 2009 to 2011. Click on any of the markers to see the name of the well located there and the amount of Pennsylvania waste injected at that site between 2009 and 2011. By switching to the satellite view, you might even be able to see the actual well.

There are undoubtedly additional wells in Ohio. However, as of now, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection‘s drilling and waste data is more comprehensive and readily available. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources was able to provide the exact locations of several of the wells displayed in the map.


  • WarrrenWhiteside

    Anything for money,huh? Who will protect the public safety?

  • ElaineLEsch

    I wonder why the DEP didn’t provide any information about the 7 injection wells we have in PA and the 8th planned in Dubois.  Can you provide that?

  • Natural

    And all that water is gone from the water cycle forever…

    • Guest

      Thinking sort of the same thing….Where are they getting all this water????? Why can’t money go into third world countries that are desperate to just get some drinking water? How come we can make all these wells and holes and messes here, but we can’t manage to get some drinking water wells for people who need it?

      And my initial response to your comment….”Naaah, it’ll come back to us in some form…most likely biting us in the ass.”


    For 30 years the byproduct of kerosene development was gasoline and it ws shipped offshore and burned because it was deemed too dangerous to use…Give phracking the consideration it deserves

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