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Mapping Pennsylvania’s New Impact Fee By County

This map tracks how much money county governments will receive from the first round of impact fee payments, which is due September 1, 2012.

It applies the retroactive 2011 fee – $50,000 for horizontal wells and $10,000 for vertical operations – to every well from 2005 to 2011 listed in the Department of Environmental Protection’s most recent “spud report.”



  • Dwightclaypoole

    Dwight Claypoole Farms
    Thanks to those wonderful senators. They impose a 1000′ set back fee with out any compensation
    to the landowner.Now I lost my well and the water co has no mineral rights . Scarneti is a joke

  • Robert Steffes

    I applaud Brian Coppola and the other local municipal officials who fought so hard to protect their constituents’ rights and well being as PA is being turned into a gas field.  Mr. Coppola has been dealing with the drillers in his township for 5 years and he knows what he is talking about. As a member of my community’s Zoning Hearing Board, I agree with him that this legislation will indeed strip away much of our zoning authority locally.  The Marcellus play is a MAJOR heavy industrial activity with feeder and transmission pipelines, driven by compressor stations, not just a well here and there.  Shame on the governor and the legislature for passing this bill and leaving residents and property owners helpless to control their own communities!

  • Cmonline

    More money taken from the people to feed the bureaucracy and leftist environmental groups while the counties get a mere token payoff.  All this shoved down our throats by a Republican controlled government.  Shame on them.  Could it be third party time? 

  • Anonymous

     What is my compensation for enduring a 10 acre intensive industrial area, condensate tanks that spew benzene, compressors’ and trucks’ diesel exhaust and last but not least a 500,000 gallon frack waste impoundment butting up to my property?

    • Hilofarm

      Winterarrives You ask what your compansation will be ? Let me tell you what it will be. Jobs for your neighbors and friends that may be laid off right now. New tax revenue created by the increase of spending in our state from the employes of these Gas drilling companies. This goes on and on. Not to mention the incredible amount of wealth to be gained by our area land owners. The inconvenience of the temperary drilling site and extra truck traffic and compression stations is minimal to the benefits to be gained from this gas boom. This Government is out of controll ,greedy and wasteful. We the people will pay for this tax thru higher energy cost you best believe that.

  • Marcellus Mapper

    At we’ve release an application to help citizens find out how much estimated impact fee revenue would be available to their county and municipality.

    Users can select a county and then click on a county map with bars showing what each municipality would receive.

    Local officials can post their actions regarding the impact fee and registered users can find out which county and municipal officials have a role in the process and contact them directly through our website.

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