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Deep Injection Wells in Pennsylvania


source: Environmental Protection Agency.

Only eight deep-injection wells in Pennsylvania are permitted to take oil and gas waste–and only five of those are active. Another two are under review after local residents and officials recently filed charges.

At least two other permits are are pending, including one in DuBois, Clearfield County.

The injection well permits allow operators to dispose of brine, drilling wastewater, and drilling mud.

Click on any marker below to see the exact location of Pennsylvania’s deep injection wells, the operator, status and monthly injection allowance.

The EPA has overseen deep injection wells in Pennsylvania since 1983. Those wells are designated as Class 2 wells and regulated by the underground injection control program, via the Safe Drinking Water Act. Although 1,860 Class 2 wells are permitted in Pennsylvania, only eight of them are approved for oil and gas waste disposal.



  • acm

    where’s the map?!?

  • Another Time

    I would love to see a comparison side by side map of earthquakes in the region.

  • rakingmuck

    It is proven science that fraking is the major building block to the destabilization of the earth’s crust. The Mid Atlantic states of the US are undergoing “subsistence”or are sinking lower than they were while all the states on the east coast including PA (where I grew up) are at risk from rising water. The on going North American craton shift from fraking is causing all the recent earthquakes you have witnessed – several in Kentucky and Alabama just yesterday. Say NO to drilling. It can and will kill you one day.

  • Liz Rosenbaum

    Seems like more than enough!

  • observer

    Let’s identify exactly what’s in that brine, shall we? Also, where’s the evidence showing that the extractors will know where the injection fluid will go… and when?

  • Curtis

    Pollution is anything that is added to the environment that wasn’t previously present. Fracking processes fit the description despite all their rhetoric.

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