“Energy Goes from Symbol to Surprise Issue in 2012 Presidential Race”

Energy issues and climate change did not make much of an appearance during the Presidential race. But Republicans did spend a lot of ad money criticizing Obama for not supporting domestic fossil fuel development. And then Hurricane Sandy put global warming back in the spotlight.

For months, the White House succeeded in relegating energy to a lower-tier issue.

But as a symbol — in a campaign season that would come to rely on symbols over energy policy prescriptions to explain partisan differences — Keystone XL and the “war on coal” emerged in the closing months. Republican ads sought to cast doubt on the president’s fidelity to American-made energy. They blasted the White House for interfering with North America’s rapid rise as an unconventional oil and gas producer. The president has threatened to close tax loopholes, put too much federal land off-limits to drillers and refused to permit Keystone, said the Romney camp.

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