State permits for projects like the Mariner East 2 pipeline, seen here in Huntingdon County, could be outsourced to private contractors under new amendments to the 2017-18 budget.

Lindsay Lazarski / WHYY

Help us answer your #Burning Questions

  • Marie Cusick, 

Lindsay Lazarski / WHYY

Here at StateImpact Pennsylvania we are reviving our #BurningQuestions series, which asks our audience to share questions around Pennsylvania energy and environmental issues.

What have you always wondered about energy production, consumption, and the effects they have on the world around us?

How this works:
1. We collect your questions
2. The community chooses which question they most want answered
3. StateImpact Pennsylvania reporters investigate the story with your help
4. We discover the answer together!

We’re currently collecting questions about Pennsylvania’s natural gas pipeline building boom.