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Little Blue Run coal ash pond, on the Pennsylvania-West Virginia border.

Trump administration rolls back coal ash rules aimed at groundwater protection

States may be able to stop monitoring at some sites, and power plants have more time to close leaking ash ponds.

By Reid Frazier

Curious or concerned about an energy issue? Ask us — and see what we’ve already answered

Tap the expertise of StateImpact Pennsylvania reporters on energy-related questions, and help us build a database of answers that people across the state can use to be better informed about what can be confusing or complex issues.

By Scott Blanchard

The Horsham Air Guard Station in Bucks County, Pa. where the use of PFAS chemicals in firefighting foam has been linked with contamination of local water supplies.

How the EPA and the Pentagon downplayed a growing toxic threat

A family of chemicals — known as PFAS and responsible for marvels like Teflon and critical to the safety of American military bases — has now emerged as a far greater menace than previously disclosed.

By Abrahm Lustgarten, ProPublica

US Steel's Clairton Coke Works, near Pittsburgh.

Bob Mulshine, president of the Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy, on a section of the trail that was moved to make way for a Range Resources gas well.

Rachel Carson Trail near Pittsburgh has a new feature: A fracking well

A company is building a shale gas well a few hundred feet from the route, and hikers can’t help but notice it. But the trail already skirts roads, power lines, and a coal ash pile.

By Reid Frazier

About 150 people showed up at a rally in West Chester on Jun 9 to urge the state's Public Utility Commission to shut down Sunoco's Mariner East pipeline project.

As PUC decision nears, Mariner East foes rally to call for total shutdown 

Sunoco has said the project is nearly finished. Demonstrators said the project’s violations — and the fact that the line was recently struck by a contractor — are reasons to shut it down.

By Jon Hurdle

Mariner East 2 pipeline construction in Chester County
Updated: June 6, 2018 | 11:24 am

Chester County commissioners slam Sunoco for ‘appalling’ lack of pipeline information

In a letter to the PUC, the commissioners said local officials haven’t seen some key emergency information, and are learning about “the majority of issues” regarding the Mariner East project from media and residents.

By Jon Hurdle

Mariner East 2 pipeline construction crews work in the backyards of homes on Lisa Drive in West Whiteland Township, Chester County, on May 2. Sinkholes that opened in the area prompted the state's Public Utility Commission to order that an existing pipeline nearby, the Mariner East 1, be shut down until it could be determined that the sinkholes didn't threaten its safety. PUC on May 3 approved a re-start of Mariner East 1.

Sunoco urges PUC to overturn judge’s order halting pipeline construction in Chester County 

The company said that the judge’s decision means a utility would have to prove a project is safe even if no “credible evidence or properly-supported expert testimony” has been offered to show a project threatens public safety.

By Jon Hurdle

An unconventional drilling site is prepared in Butler County, Pennsylvania in the winter of 2014.
Updated: May 31, 2018 | 4:48 pm

Study finds health threats from oil and gas wastewater spread on roads

Pennsylvania has ended what had become common practice for municipalities that wanted to suppress dust on unpaved roads. A study found that some chemicals wash away during rain — and that when the road dries, contaminants can get into the air.

By Reid Frazier


Feds charge 5 with scheme to get around Clean Air Act

They allegedly tampered with diesel trucks
By Scott Blanchard