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Michaux State Forest

A Bradford County drilling rig.

Study: Bradford County water quality improving despite shale gas drilling

Penn State research showed that decreased water quality near natural gas drilling sites is rare. Of the 1,385 gas wells examined, water contamination was found close to just seven drilling operations. Groundwater close to the other sites either improved or remained the same.

By Susan Phillips

A gas drill rig near Montrose.

Court rejects fracking company’s appeal in “rule of capture” decision

In a case that could have national implications for gas drillers, a Pennsylvania court has sided with landowners. Gas driller will appeal to the Supreme Court.

By Susan Phillips

A fisherman along the banks of the Susquehanna River. Two senior state environmental officials say there is no link between gas drilling and problems with the river's smallmouth bass population.

Virus linked to smallmouth bass deaths in Susquehanna

Illness seen as a key piece of the puzzle in population decline
By Marie Cusick

Gage Meyer, a game commission officer, at a controlled burn in Centre County.

Forest fires — controlled ones — are just what this little bird needs to survive

The golden-winged warbler’s population is plummeting, fueled in part by habitat loss. Fire can help create the young forests the birds need to nest.

By Reid Frazier

Micro-wind turbines and solar panels installed at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia generate renewable energy. The state's Climate Action Plan recommends rooftop solar and more energy efficient buildings.

Conservatives join forces, seek a voice in energy-issues debate

New group wants energy choices to be 'all of the above'
By Scott Blanchard

A sign on Riegelsville Road in Holland Township, New Jersey, shows local opposition to the PennEast pipeline. (Emma Lee/WHYY)

New Jersey asks appeals court to review FERC’s approval of PennEast pipeline

The state argues that FERC was wrong to give PennEast the certificate that has allowed it to file eminent domain suits against some 150 New Jersey landowners who have refused its offers of compensation for building the pipeline on their land.

By Jon Hurdle

Great egrets at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Philadelphia.

Spring birdsong could change with a changing climate

Insects and plants emerge in the spring based on temperature. But birds start to fly north based on the change in the amount of daylight. It’s a disconnect that threatens hundreds of species across North America.

By Susan Phillips

A wellpad in the Loyalsock State Forest.

Patrick McDonnell, secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, announces