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Workers push a partly assembled Mirai through the assembly line at Toyota's LFA Works in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Since there are so few hydrogen fuel cell cars manufactured, all of them are assembled by hand. (Hiroo Saso)

Delaware, New Jersey lawmakers accuse EPA of deceit over clean car standards

In a letter, Sen. Tom Carper and Rep. Frank Pallone say EPA is listening to fossil-fuel interests over its own staff.
By Susan Phillips

Belle Vernon Municipal Authority Image: Google

An environmental clean-up crew works to remove gasoline fuel from an ETP pipeline spill in Darby creek in Tinicum Township, Pa. (Kimberly Paynter/WHYY)

Federal pipeline safety regulators issue warning on floods and subsidence

The PHMSA advisory bulletin says pipeline incidents caused by erosion have increased in the eastern U.S.
By Susan Phillips

Pennsylvania's efforts to comply with the federal plan to curb power-plant emissions could be delayed by an amended fiscal code, critics say

What is cap-and-trade?

By Marie Cusick

Little brown bat with very little infection.

Trying to keep bats flying in the face of an epidemic

“We are just seeing massive declines,” says one researcher, trying to save bats before it’s too late.

By Reid Frazier

In this file photo, people at a community meeting in Abington, Pa. on April 15, 2019 got an update of where the state will test drinking water for levels of the toxic family of chemicals known as PFAS.

DEP accused of ‘foot-dragging’ on 2-year-old request to regulate PFAS chemical

Environmental group asks appeals court to order DEP to set health standard
By Jon Hurdle

Robert Davidson, collection manager for the section of invertebrate zoology at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, shows specimens of Brood VIII cicadas that emerged in 2002 -- the last time these 17-year cicadas were seen.

Everything you need to know about the cicadas that will soon swarm southwest Pa.

An expert answers questions about one of our loudest spring residents.

By Amy Sisk

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, of Pennsylvania’s 1st congressional district, (center) and Rep. Dan Kildee, from Michigan’s 5th congressional district listen as Joseph J. Nolan, a county consulting engineer for Warminster Township in Pennsylvania, explains how the new water treatment system on Well 10 works to remove the PFAS contamination.

A tributary of Cedar Creek in Allentown that is part of the Delaware Watershed.

Wind turbines along the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

It isn’t easy being green: New research explores potential downside of nudging people to behave differently

Nudges can be attractive mechanisms to achieve public policy outcomes — they’re relatively cheap, often painless ways to get people to change their behavior. But can they backfire?

By Marie Cusick