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Shelby Bradford

Shelby Bradford is a reporter with StateImpact Pennsylvania as a fellow with the American Association for the Advancement of Science Mass Media Fellowship. Her stories cover climate and energy.

Latest by Shelby Bradford

In Pa., climate change stresses old infrastructure. Stormwater fees are seen as a way to help limit flooding, pollution

Cities and towns have to fix rain-related problems, especially since there’s a federal mandate to cut pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. Many turn to stormwater fees to support costly upgrades. But people billed for those fees sometimes don’t know what they’re paying for.

By Shelby Bradford

Pa. advocacy group’s guide encourages municipalities to update distribution center zoning laws

The state estimates there are already more than 5,000 distribution centers, warehouses, and truck terminals – collectively called logistics centers – across Pennsylvania, employing more than 67,000 people. 

By Shelby Bradford

Pa. group pitches farms on solar model that keeps farmland usable, takes up less space

Agrivoltaics uses raised or spaced-out solar panels to allow farms to lease land for renewable energy and continue crop production or livestock grazing.

By Shelby Bradford

Switch to EVs could save state and local governments up to $360 million, study says

Electric vehicles cost more to buy than gasoline-powered vehicles, but they have lower fuel and maintenance lifetime costs compared to gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles, data shows.

By Shelby Bradford

Penn State study aims to help Pa. dairy farmers cut methane — and show carbon offsets are real

A federal grant will help farms use climate measures to reduce a potent greenhouse gas.

By Shelby Bradford

In Pa., renewable energy projects could come online faster with new PJM policy

PJM is changing how it reviews electricity-generating projects, in an effort to speed up the process.

By Shelby Bradford

Pa. gas drillers pay record amount in impact fees

The new high comes two years after the record low amount.

By Shelby Bradford