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File photo. Aniyah Davis kisses her cousin William Respes as they play in water from a garden hose during a July 2011 heat wave in Philadelphia. The city has a pilot project to help neighborhoods with vulnerable populations adapt to rising temperatures.

30 years of data show how much the U.S. has warmed. Now the race is on to adapt

It’s warmer everywhere, and the rising temperatures are prompting government agencies to try to figure out what to do. For the first time, the state’s climate action plan will give advice to policy makers, people, businesses and communities.

By Susan Phillips

Bob Mulshine, president of the Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy, on a section of the trail that was moved to make way for a Range Resources gas well.

Rachel Carson Trail near Pittsburgh has a new feature: A fracking well

A company is building a shale gas well a few hundred feet from the route, and hikers can’t help but notice it. But the trail already skirts roads, power lines, and a coal ash pile.

By Reid Frazier

Compressor station

Study: Methane emissions cancel near-term climate benefits of natural gas

Natural has been hailed as a cleaner-burning fuel that’s better than coal, but researchers find methane leaks are doubling the climate footprint of gas

By Marie Cusick

Demand for natural gas from wells like this in Zelionople, Pa. will exceed that for other fossil fuels in coming years, the IEA said.

Pennsylvania’s gas impact fees rise to $209 million this year

Money goes to local governments, but there is little oversight of how it's spent
By Marie Cusick

The former Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove and present day Horsham Air Guard Station is shown Thursday, March 10, 2016, in Horsham, Pa. The military is checking whether chemicals from firefighting foam might have contaminated groundwater at hundreds of sites nationwide and potentially tainted drinking water, the Defense Department said.
Updated: June 21, 2018 | 2:40 pm

Toxic chemical study EPA is accused of blocking just came out. It calls for stricter drinking-water limits

The chemicals have been linked to hypertension, liver damage, elevated cholesterol, increased risk of thyroid disease, decreased fertility and some types of cancer. One environmental group wants the state to “re-evaluate whether there are more people at risk than they previously understood.”

By Jon Hurdle

Richard Tumushime, an electrician with Pittsburgh-based Energy Independent Solutions, works with a crew to put the finishing touches on wiring a solar panel system at the new Forest Hills Municipal Building.

The Delaware River basin: Officials say proposed new rules would strengthen protections against contamination from fracking waste water brought into the basin.

Pull the Mariner East permit, environmental group urges Delaware River Basin Commission

Delaware Riverkeeper Network says “severe and ongoing” permit violations are causing “significant harm” to the river basin. It wants the commission to suspend Mariner East 2 construction.

By Jon Hurdle

Michaux State Forest

A Bradford County drilling rig.

Study: Bradford County water quality improving despite shale gas drilling

Penn State research showed that decreased water quality near natural gas drilling sites is rare. Of the 1,385 gas wells examined, water contamination was found close to just seven drilling operations. Groundwater close to the other sites either improved or remained the same.

By Susan Phillips

Solar panels in Hanover generate electricity for the Snyder's-Lance snack company.

Solar installers in Pennsylvania weather tariff upheaval

Smaller-scale projects less affected by materials cost
By Amy Sisk