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New York Governor Says He’ll Make Fracking Decision Before 2014 Election

Jan Somma-Hammel/Staten Island Advance /Landov

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, says he will make a decision on lifting the state's fracking moratorium before 2014.

The Syracuse Post-Standard reports New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he will make a decision on whether to lift the state’s moratorium on fracking before the 2014 election.

It’s not clear how much that statement means, though, since the debate in New York has gone on for nearly five years.

In 2011, the head of New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation said a decision might come as soon as the spring of 2012. In February of this year, the state allowed another self-imposed deadline to pass.

Even if New York moves forward with fracking, the industry says it probably won’t have much of an impact on operations in Pennsylvania.

More from the Post Standard:

Cuomo, a Democrat in his third year, says he’s waiting for the results of a review by his state health commissioner, Dr. Nivah Shah. Those results should be ready within several weeks, Cuomo said Wednesday during an editorial meeting with The Post-Standard and Syracuse Media Group.

“I expected it to be concluded already,” Cuomo said, adding that Shah has said the review of potential health effects from the deep drilling method should be done in the next several weeks. “It’s not in the distant future. But it’s not done yet.”

New York’s health commissioner Dr. Nivah Shah says he’s looking at several large-scale public health studies related to fracking, including two in Pennsylvania.

Shah has cited a study by the Danville-based Geisinger Health System. However research there is still getting underway, and the first phase of the study isn’t expected to be completed for three to five years.

Meanwhile, critics in Pennsylvania have complained the state Department of Health hasn’t been given a bigger regulatory role when it comes to gas drilling.

The agency doesn’t receive any funding from the Act 13 impact fees, which have brought in over $400 million in the past two years.


  • John

    Get off your ass Gov. We need the Oil and Gas and I need the money to pay NY taxes. Five years is long enough to think it over.

  • kevin

    Oil and gas is exactly the Wrong way to go–its obvious that it contaminates water and destroys the environment–everyone will be buying bottled water for sure–the entire country has been destroyed from fracking–nys def doesnt need to join the ranks of the wish we never started fracking here people.Cuomo has plenty of money and doesnt need to bow down to big energy,he need s to kick these guys in the ass and send them packing.Guys like tom ridge need to drop dead with all there money and get buried with it—folks like this have only one thing in mind—screw everyone else and keep making cash deposits in the caymans

    • JR

      Show us your evidence. You shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion, “…the entire country has been destroyed from fracking…” SHOW US YOUR COLD HARD EVIDENCE. Your post shows just how much you “know” about the subject. Return to your flock, sheep!

      • kevin

        hey simpleton,,,evidence? u are a simpleton

  • Bill4647

    If Washington says that water is safe I would like them to go there and drink it Live on TV to show us All it’s OK. I think that is a fair request. Don’t you ?

  • JR

    Too many of the anti-fracking extremists are sheep with bad leaders. Study after study after study has been done. Fracking has not harmed our environment. THOUSANDS of wells have been drilled, fracked, and put into production. Not ONE person has provided evidence that fracking has harmed ANYONE in ANY way. While all you people get to go on and live your lives with out a care, thousands and thousands of other struggle and suffer to make ends meet, be it from the Liberal dictation of NY politics and taxes, or the massive lack of jobs which New York politics and taxes have created. And now with one of the largest events to ever happen to this country, the people who need it most are FORCED to suffer. We need natural gas, natural gas will power cars, provide electricity, heat homes, provide less pollution then gasoline powered vehicles, JOBS, state revenue…. need I go on? I dare you uneducated self serving environmental extremist sheep to show your evidence. Prove it NOW! You are killing you fellow country men, women, and children. And guess what, we HATE you for it. The people who are living in the thick of the natural gas boom know the facts, and we demand answers for “our” governments lack of action or care for its people.

    • Rebecca

      Check out
      This peer-reviewed article shows that towns will be worse off after the natural gas boom than they were before, so go ahead and talk about how it will save those people who are suffering in the area. It may help things in the short term but after thirty years there is no economic benefits and the struggles will still be there. I’m from Otsego County and realize that there isn’t much as far as jobs and cash flow but it is a beautiful area with wonderful people who are willing to help their neighbors in any way they can. Do you want to see that area completely ruined because people like you want to see action so quickly?

  • marinemec

    Andrew Cuomo is not anything like his father, although he made millions from the auto emissions machines starting in the early eighty’s when his father gave him the contract. Silver spoon fed and has no clue to go without heat, food, taxes paid, mortgages and so much more that people have been enduring in both western and northern NY. NG is doing fine in thirty two other states which created flourishing economies. I believe that Cuomo is targeting Conservatives just like Obama. We need both of them out of office so America can get back to business!

  • Rebecca

    Why are you pushing for a decision to be made so quickly? Studies take time and obviously there is a reason that they have yet to make a decision because they are on the front lines and realize the impacts that it may have on the environment. Relax and let the scientific evidence show what is best.

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