Researcher Theo Colborn Pleads with Obama to Help Stop Chemical Exposures

  • Susan Phillips

Chemical exposure researcher Dr. Theo Colborn, who founded the Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX), recently gave a public talk on the health impacts of chemical exposures. The event was organized by TEDx, a speaker’s series with a mission to facilitate discussion on “ideas worth spreading.”  (Although the two organizations bear the same name, they are not related.)
Colborn’s work focuses on how small doses of chemicals within the environment impact the endocrine system, which fuels a child’s development. Colborn read a long letter to President Obama, asking for his help in reducing chemical exposures. In the past several years, Colborn has focused much of her research on the oil and gas industry, and says increasing health problems associated with endocrine disruptions in the womb, are related to fossil fuel production.
“By drilling deep into the bowels of the earth for coal, oil and natural gas,” says Colborn, “we have unwittingly and catastrophically altered the chemistry of the biosphere and the human womb.” To hear more, watch the video below:

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