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Fracking Pioneer Encourages More Regulation

The public radio show Marketplace, recently aired an interview with the Godfather of fracking, George Mitchell. Mitchell talks about how the birth of modern hydraulic fracturing for shale gas began with an act of desperation. But perhaps even more significant is what Mitchell says about his fracking colleagues at the very end of the piece.

And Mitchell wants stiff regulation of drillers, especially small, independent players.

“I’ve had too much experience running independents,” Mitchell says. “They’re wild people. You just can’t control them. And if it doesn’t do it right, penalize the oil and gas people. Get tough with them.”



  • TerryWelander

    Mr. Mitchell is either ignoring or ignorant of the big picture. The 1200 volcanoes on the planet with their highly toxic and beyond huge emissions along with large forest fires, desert dust storms, and desert dry lake bed wind blown dust amount to 99% plus of the particulate pollution and thermal increases on the planet. There is nothing humanity can do to come close to nature’s destruction short of multiple nuclear bombs. So someone please tell Mr. Mitchell and others to just stop their fretting and help with the best available and most economical extraction methods. Humanity is counting on it to lift the poor into reasonable lives. Anything less will be continuation of the recession the population has been forced to tolerate for at least 4 years and counting.

  • nancyslibrary

    We are fast-approaching a time of serious water shortages. We can live without more fossil fuel. We can’t live without clean water.

    • TerryWelander

      Desalination of sea water has been in commercial use for over 50 years. And the number of desalination plants keeps increasing in quantity and size. It is just a matter of time before the cost of fresh water from desalination plants comes close to that of purified well water; could be there now. So the planet will never be without clean water. Get real. Investigate what is going on before sounding and talking like chicken little. You will only get scorn with these highly fatalistic and highly flawed, unrealistic declarations. It is nearly impossible for the planet to run out of water with 76% of the earth’s surface being water; to say nothing of how deep the oceans are.

      Of the common elements for photosynthesis (the universal process of plant life or plants growing), water, carbon dioxide, sunlight and nutrients, only carbon dioxide is in short supply contrary to all the damm fool talk going on about excess carbon dioxide. Please go check out the shortage of carbon dioxide at 320 parts per million in the atmosphere. The toxic limit of carbon dioxide for the animal kingdom is 5000 parts per million (Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 65th Ed., Page D-127); and help stop the backwards and dangerous
      excess carbon dioxide talk. These excess carbon dioxide people are trying to kill not only humanity, but the animal kingdom. Stop them at any cost.

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