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Clock is Ticking on Finding a Buyer for Delaware County Refinery

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ConocoPhillips officials say their Trainer, Pa. refinery will be demolished if no buyer is found by the end of

WHYY/ reporter Emma Jacobs reports that ConocoPhillips plans to swing the wrecking ball at its suburban Philadelphia facility if no offers are made by the end of March.

“ConocoPhillips says it will demolish its idled oil refinery in Trainer, Delaware County, if it fails to find a buyer by the end of March. Union representatives say they got the word in talks last Thursday with the company.”

Both ConocoPhillips and Sunoco announced in the fall they would shut down their southeastern Pennsylvania refineries unless they found a willing buyer. ConocoPhillips gave itself six months from September. Sunoco has also idled a facility and says it won’t give up on a potential sale until July.
But politicians like Congressman Bob Brady have complained that the companies aren’t even trying. The closures would mean a loss of more than 1200 jobs for the region. Sunoco says they plan to focus resources on the more lucrative pipeline business, taking advantage of the expansion of shale gas drilling. ConocoPhillips says needed upgrades to their facility would be too expensive. Read more of Emma’s story here.

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