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Krancer Strikes A Chilly Tone In EPA Dimock Letter

Scott Detrow / StateImpact Pennsylvania

DEP Secretary Michael Krancer (l) and Energy Executive Patrick Henderson compare notes during a July Commission meeting

Ever since he took office, Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Michael Krancer has been wary of the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Again and again,he’s chided the EPA and other federal organizations for getting involved in issues he thinks should be regulated by Pennsylvania.

Now, as the EPA weighs an effective override of a major DEP decision - delivering water to residents of Dimock, Susquehanna County, after the state told Cabot Oil and Gas it could stop providing potable fluids – Krancer has fired off another derisive letter.

In a missive dated January 5, Krancer keeps a polite, civil tone, but makes it clear he thinks the EPA has no idea what it’s talking about, when it comes to methane migration in Dimock. “Based on my conversations with you it was clear the EPA is really at the very early stages of its learning curve with respect to Dimock,” he writes, calling the federal agency’s grasp of the facts, and DEP’s enforcement actions, “rudimentary.”

Krancer goes on to question the EPA’s recent preliminary discovery of fracking fluid in a Wyoming aquifer. (Read the full letter after the jump.)

The EPA is currently considering whether to deliver to residents of Dimock whose water has been contaminated by methane migration. Up until December, Cabot Oil and Gas had been providing water to the dozen families, in accordance with a legal agreement it had reached with DEP, under the Rendell Administration. In November, the department allowed Cabot to stop deliveries, after the company had fulfilled all its requirements.

Here’s Krancer’s full letter:


  • Anonymous

    Maybe that vast amount of data will actually include lab sheets.

  • Mike Knapp

    Excellent letter by the secretary. 

    • Carl Long

      Get your head out of your Gas ..well and read read how good of a job your secretary is doing as head of the DEP… 500 Gas wells unaccounted for and 181 without permits already drilled. Thats your man Corbetts’ boy!


        Polluters (Carl Long and the other 1%) raise THEIR standard of living by LOWERING EVERYONE ELSE’S standard of living.  1,000 generations of hunters and cold water fishermen are being destroyed by Carl and his southern carpetbaggers. 

    • WordSmith

      Mike in my world your a puppet too. No I mean an actual puppet and Krancer has to decide how much of a puppet he is willing to be for Corbett. The letter was folly and a weak attemt to interject himself back into the process after being removed from the process.

  • Dory Hippauf

    Krancer will suit up and walk around in a mine, but he won’t go to Dimock and drink the water… tells how Krancer, as a judge on the state’s Environmental Hearing Board, which considers appeals on certain DEP decisions, had to rule on an appeal brought, in 2001, by The United Mine Workers. The union was challenging an exemption approved by the DEP regarding methane testing at 84 Mining Co.’s mine in South Strabane.The union said the exemption was unsafe, despite DEP’s consent.
    Normally, a hearing board judge would make a decision based solely on legal arguments from both sides. Not Krancer. Don Carmelite, Krancer’s his first law clerk at the board recalls:
    “The guy suited up in all the gear and got the training, and he walked around in a mine a mile below the surface, in thigh-high water. It was consistent with what he did to get it right.”

  • Rousseau

    You must be joking, the letter is nothing but a stall tactic.
    Secretary Krancer has no notion of what science is and certainly no idea whatsoever about what peer review is. Read some of opinions as a judge.  He is ignorant of 40 years of research in environmental and resource economics. 
    Krancer is working for oil and gas companies and himself, not the citizens of PA.  When he leaves the state he will walk through the perpetual revolving door and  work for the oil and gas companies, just like so many others from DEP and the governor’s office.   The question is, how much damage will he do?  How many more uneccessary spills?  How many more of our citizens will he put at risk?  How many more of our children will get sick?   


    Is Tom Krancer an elected official?  If so, you should be taking the steps to recall him.  In the case he’s an appointee of your Governor, then you should be petitioning the Governor to dismiss him.  If the Governor refuses to (which would more than likely be the case with Tom Corbett), then you should start an IMMEDIATE recall of the Governor!  Here’s a link that is a good jumping off point.  Get your neighbors in NY involved– they have family, friends and business associates in PA!  Don’t let Krancer and Corbett get away with this!  Where’s the Recall Tom Corbett NOW Facebook page?  How a Tom Krancer Accountability Matters!  Facebook page?  GET TO WORK PA– and by all means let us know what those of us in other states can do to help!   :-)

  • Julieann Wozniak

    All this piece of boilerplate demonstrates is the fact that we cannot trust PADEP to protect our health and safety from runaway shale gas drilling. The same way we could never trust this agency to protect us from the ravages of badly regulated coal mining. I welcome EPA with open arms. Dunkard Creek is STILL dead, thanks to PADEP.s  too cozy relationship with CONSOL and its subsidiary CNX.

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