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Does Drilling Really Spread STDs?

Here’s the report House Democrat Mike Sturla referenced, when he made comments about drillers spreading STDs among the “womenfolk.”

Troy Community Hospital presented to the Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission in May. The references to an increase in Bradford County STD levels  are highlighted.

Update: Hospital administrator Staci Covey says her information was “anecdotal,” but maintains the hospital has seen a definite increase in the number of STDs it has treated in recent years. We’re working on finding specific stats for Bradford County.


  • Kmcguigan84

    I am appalled at your ignorant comments regarding “womenfolk” contracting STDs from drillers. You are completely out of touch with reality. I am a tax paying citizen (woman) of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who happens to work in the industry. I have worked in the industry for over 4 years and have NEVER heard such a disgusting remark. Perhaps the problem you are seeking to blame on a very lucrative industry starts with MORALITY which you obviously lack. May I suggest you do your research and your JOB. I believe it’s about time that AMERICA returns to its status in the world as an innovator and leader. May I remind you that only 52% of all Americans pay taxes and I am one of the 52% and I vote.

  • Vjfoinpa

    To what would the appalled “tax paying citizen (woman) of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who [happens to work in the industry]” attribute the statistics complied by Staci Covey of the Guthrie group?

  • Mcmackinplumbing

    What industry are we talking about,Reports of prostitioun in the towm of Mansfield have been on the rise since the gas boom has come to Pa. Dont paint your lilly white picture.Ask the Pa. state police they know whats realy going on.

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