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Terry the Frackosaurus Is Now Extinct

Terry the Frackosaus has been driven to extinction.
The likely cause? A Colbert comet.
Three days after the late night comedian roasted Terry, Talisman Energy has decided to discontinue its coloring book about natural gas drilling.
The Post-Gazette’s Erich Schwartzel, who first reported on Terry about a month ago, has the details.

“We’re going to take our company’s focus to where it should be,” said Natalie Cox, spokesperson for Talisman Energy USA, to Fox News. “We’re not going to continue to dispute the intent of a children’s coloring book. There’s two sides to every story, but it’s not something that we’re going to be disputing . . . it’s an activity book for young children.”

Terry’s tale has provided fodder for drilling opponents ever since the Post-Gazette’s first story, and Talisman was exasperated by the issue earlier this week, when Colbert ran his bit. “I can’t stress this enough: it’s just a coloring book,” Cox told the Inquirer on Tuesday.
Here’s Monday’s Colbert Report segment:

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