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Gov. Mary Fallin

Mary Fallin is Oklahoma’s Governor and Chief Economic Influencer


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Gov. Mary Fallin

Oklahoma’s Governor is the head of state and the elected representative with the single biggest role in shaping economic and budget policy.

Mary Fallin is Oklahoma’s 27th Governor. She entered office in January 2011 and her first term ends January 2015.

Fallin served as Lt. Governor from 1995-2007 and represented Oklahoma’s 5th District in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2007-2011.

The Governor prepares the state budget, which must be approved by the legislature. The governor has line-item veto powers, which can only be overridden by a super-majority vote in the legislature.

Many of the Governor’s appointees directly influence state economic, financial and budgetary issues.

In 2011, Gov. Fallin was face with a roughly $400 million deficit. Her $6.3 billion FY 2012 state budget included 3 percent cuts to Education, Health, Human Services and Public Safety and up to 5 percent in cuts to other agencies.

Gov. Fallin is a proponent of reducing or eliminating the personal income tax and has pledged efforts to restructure and reform the state tax system.

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One Thing Mitt Romney and Gov. Fallin Disagree On: Wind Energy Tax Credits

A wind farm in Western, Okla.

Mitt Romney and Republican governor’s have a lot in common, especially when it comes to their positions on energy policy. The Republican presidential candidate’s energy plan — written with the help of top his top energy adviser Harold Hamm, an Oklahoma billionaire and CEO of oil giant Continental Resources — focuses more on oil and [...]

Gov. Fallin to WSJ: Income Tax Cut Coming Next Year

Gov. Mary Fallin

Despite Republican control of the governor’s office and the state legislature, pledges to cut Oklahoma’s individual income tax failed last year because GOP members, the Wall Street Journal‘s Stephen Moore writes, “wanted to spend more on district pet projects rather than cut tax rates.” Next year will be different, Gov. Mary Fallin tells the paper. [...]

Why Oklahoma’s Medicaid Expansion Fight Isn’t Like Its New Deal Fight

A Cimarron County farmer works to raise a fence to keep it from being buried under drifting sand. Oklahoma's Dust Bowl exodus fueled voter support of Oklahoma governor E.W. Marland's and his campaign motto, "Bring the New Deal to Oklahoma," in 1934.

Oklahoma is once again wrestling with the federal government, this time over whether it should accept funding to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Does this feel familiar? It should, writes the Tulsa World‘s Wayne Greene, because it recalls “one of the great turning points in Oklahoma political history:” the transition from Great Depression [...]

Gov. Fallin: Oklahoma’s Economic Future Tied to National Uncertainties

Oklahoma enjoys low unemployment and fared relatively well during the recent economic downturn. But the continued growth of Oklahoma’s economy is tied to trends beyond the state’s control, Gov. Mary Fallin told a crowd at the Tulsa Convention Center Ballroom. One factor is tax revenues from oil and gas, which have been slipping. “We’re monitoring [...]

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Studying the Money

States are finally starting to rise from the economic downturn, and lawmakers are taking a long, hard look at themselves. They’re faced with a difficult question, writes the New York Times‘ Michael Cooper: “Should they restore some of the services and jobs they were forced to cut after the recession — or cut taxes in [...]

Declassified: Chesapeake Wants ‘Relief’ from an Oklahoma Law It Helped Write

Chesapeake Energy's Oklahoma City campus.

Just two years ago, Chesapeake Energy helped write a state law mandating staggered terms for the board members of large publicly traded Oklahoma companies. This week, the Oklahoma City-based natural gas giant said it would seek “relief” from the very same law, which was designed to help prevent what’s essentially happening now at Chesapeake: a [...]

Fallin: Income Tax Cut ‘Doomed’ by Lobbying

Gov. Mary Fallin

Intense special interest lobbying to save hundreds of millions in tax credits, deductions and exemptions derailed efforts to cut Oklahoma’s personal income tax, Gov. Mary Fallin tells the Associated Press. Reducing and ultimately eliminating the income tax was a cornerstone of Fallin and Republican lawmakers’ goals for the 2012 legislative session. By April, Fallin had [...]

Three Reasons Oklahoma’s Income Tax Cut Plan Failed

Income Tax

After months of debate, discussion and rancor from lawmakers, business leaders and think-tank activists, the state legislative session will close today without an income tax cut. Cutting the personal income tax was a top priority for Gov. Mary Fallin and Republican legislators. More than a half-dozen income tax-cutting measures were filed. Some contained immediate reductions; [...]

How Lawmakers Plan to Pay for the Income Tax Cut

Republican lawmakers and Gov. Mary Fallin have agreed on a plan to cut Oklahoma’s individual income tax rate. The agreement would cut the top personal rate to 4.8 percent from 5.25 percent next year, includes an additional tax cut tied to a revenue growth trigger in 2015, and simplifies the tax code by reducing the [...]

Steep Income Tax Reduction Won’t Happen This Year, Gov. Fallin Says

Gov. Mary Fallin

Gov. Mary Fallin’s proposed steep reduction of the state’s top individual income tax rate won’t happen this year. This is the first time Fallin has publicly acknowledged what state lawmakers have been signaling for weeks, the Associated Press reports. “There doesn’t seem to be the appetite in the state Legislature to make a huge, significant [...]

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