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Gov. Mary Fallin

Mary Fallin is Oklahoma’s Governor and Chief Economic Influencer


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Gov. Mary Fallin

Oklahoma’s Governor is the head of state and the elected representative with the single biggest role in shaping economic and budget policy.

Mary Fallin is Oklahoma’s 27th Governor. She entered office in January 2011 and her first term ends January 2015.

Fallin served as Lt. Governor from 1995-2007 and represented Oklahoma’s 5th District in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2007-2011.

The Governor prepares the state budget, which must be approved by the legislature. The governor has line-item veto powers, which can only be overridden by a super-majority vote in the legislature.

Many of the Governor’s appointees directly influence state economic, financial and budgetary issues.

In 2011, Gov. Fallin was face with a roughly $400 million deficit. Her $6.3 billion FY 2012 state budget included 3 percent cuts to Education, Health, Human Services and Public Safety and up to 5 percent in cuts to other agencies.

Gov. Fallin is a proponent of reducing or eliminating the personal income tax and has pledged efforts to restructure and reform the state tax system.

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Gov. Mary Fallin and Michael Teague, Secretary of Energy and Environment, talk to reporters at the Governor's Energy Conference in 2014.

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