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Map: Where Oklahoma Oil is Produced

Half of Oklahoma’s crude oil is produced in 10 counties, preliminary data from the state Corporation Commission show.

The three counties with the highest production  — Carter, Ellis and Stephens counties — alone account for nearly a quarter of the 34.7 million barrels of crude oil and condensate produced in Oklahoma from January to June 2012.

Oil production, as you can see from the interactive map below, tends to increase as you move west. Oklahoma’s 11 easternmost counties haven’t produced any oil this year, and a diagonal band of relatively sparse production extends from Washington to Bryan County.

The state’s No. 1 producer, Carter County, has produced more than 3.7 million barrels — roughly 10.7 percent of all crude oil and condensate produced in Oklahoma this year.

Oklahoma Oil Production: 2012

Source: Oklahoma Corporation Commission | Download Data 

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  • Brenda Morgan

    Just found out that my husband and I inherited mineral rights in Oklahoma. There are 48 different sections listed in the will. Counties ; Logan, Coal, Cleveland, Roger Mills,
    Garvin, Canadian, McIntosh, Hughes. Not sure what to do with them

    • RC Scott

      Dear Brenda,

      Please contact me at brcminerals@gmail.com. I may be interested in making a purchase offer on portions of these.

      • Colin Crane

        Hi Brenda, please contact me at colin@eastcoastexplorationi

  • S. Taylor


    Having just found your question…. I hope you have NOT done anything yet. I do consult for mineral owners about JUST these types of questions. Please get in touch. Email fossil@geologist.com

  • Behind every blade of glass!

    Brenda … Have you found out any more about your mineral rights? You need to make sure that you don’t just give your interest in these away.

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        • Colin Crane

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          • Colin Crane

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  • Jay Varner

    Can anyone tell me if 160 Acres Divided up among 6 People with the Mineral rights to this land can drill Individually on their sections ?

    I am getting a Contract but the way i Understand it all 6 people has to agree at once before Drilling can begin ?

    Can i just drill my 27 acres Alone ?

    THis is just the Mineral rights on the Land we dont own the land.

    We have got renewals for leases with small amounts of money but never no drilling

    Land Located in OkFuskee County.

    Also how doe the Oil drilling Companies componsate you ? is there a percent per barrel they give you ?

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