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“Red River Showdown: Texas-Oklahoma Water War Could Reverberate Across US”

Another in-depth report on the OK-TX Supreme Court water case from Stateline. Lots of interesting details on how dire the drought and water situation is in the Lonestar State.

The water shortage has become one of the most pressing issues in the Texas Legislature this year. Much of the talk is about finding money to implement the state’s water plan. The plan calls for $53 billion in infrastructure upgrades — including the construction of 20 new reservoirs — that would help Texas meet about one-quarter of its water needs over the next half-century, according to state projections. Previous plans have languished without enough money to implement them.

Even as it battles Oklahoma for water, Texas is fighting New Mexico over its share of water from the Rio Grande. In a case that may also reach the Supreme Court, the state has accused New Mexico of over-pumping groundwater that feeds the Rio Grande, reducing flows into Texas.

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