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The Demotion of a National Park in Oklahoma Exposes Shifting Attitudes About Preserving and Promoting Nature

About half the U.S. states don’t have a national park — including Oklahoma.

That wasn’t always the case, and the story of what happened illustrates a changing view of what national parks are for.


Excessive Lead Levels Found in a Small Number of Public Water Providers in Oklahoma

Lead levels are an active concern at 19 public water systems in Oklahoma, roughly 1 percent of 1,634 systems statewide, records from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality show. Most, however, appear to be working with regulators to address the problem.


Oklahoma Oil Regulator Issues New Restrictions After Earthquakes — UPDATED

Oklahoma Corporation Commission issues new oil-field restrictions after a series of widely felt earthquakes in central Oklahoma.


Twister Truths: Can Nothing Survive an EF5 Tornado?


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