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Budget Briefing: Obama Visit Was a High-Priced Photo Op, Says Rep. Sullivan

In the news this morning:

Sullivan: Obama Visit Was ‘Con Job’ on Oklahoma “U.S. Rep. John Sullivan said Friday that President Barack Obama “slithered” into Oklahoma this week for a high-priced photo op but that the state isn’t buying his energy policy and neither is anyone else. In reality, Obama’s energy policy is designed to kill domestic production, he said.” (tulsaworld.com)

State Could Get Unexpected $46 Million from Tobacco Tax “An unexpected payoff for state government comes with the Affordable Care Act — about $46 million a year in tobacco tax money with no home.” (tulsaworld.com)

The Surprisingly Entertaining History Of The Income Tax An interesting listen on the Federal income tax: “How did something that was once so strange to us become so central? The answer includes a few wars, a Supreme Court justice on his deathbed, and Donald Duck.” (stateimpact.npr.org)

Federal Highway Bill Could Help Oklahoma State University Boost its CNG Operation “Oklahoma State University efforts to expand its compressed natural gas facilities could hang in the balance of a national debate over Congress’ first major highway bill since 2005.” (stwnewspress.com)

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