Watch Al Jazeera’s Video on Oklahoma Drilling and ‘Far From Normal’ Earthquakes

  • Joe Wertz

Al Jazeera Plus produced a 10-minute video on Oklahoma’s earthquake swarm, which included interviews with worried residents and activists and explored some of the science that has linked the seismic surge to wastewater disposal wells used by the oil and gas industry.

The news network’s Imran Garda also touched on other drilling and fracking-related concerns, including water use and pollution, and included footage and interviews from the Aug. 18 townhall forum on fracking in Norman, which was moderated by StateImpact reporter Logan Layden.

From Al Jazeera Plus:

Imran Garda talks to Oklahomans worried about daily tremors, energy industry representatives who claim the study is bogus, and gets a behind-the-scenes look at how the chemical-laced water required to frack is disposed of courtesy of a concerned worker.