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Chesapeake Fined $565,000 for PA Environmental Violations

From our partners at StateImpact Pennsylvania:

The Department of Environmental Protection has slapped Chesapeake Energy with a $565,000 fine for last April’s Bradford County well blowout and two other violations.

This is Chesapeake’s second major Pennsylvania fine within the past year, reports Scott Detrow.

In May 2011, Chesapeake was fined $1 million for a tank fire and drinking well contamination, the largest fine ever issued by that state’s environmental protection department.

“Why A High Unemployment Rate Might Help Some Jobless”

A state unemployment rate above 6 percent triggers a higher level of unemployment benefits, KOSU reports.

December’s numbers show more than 100,000 Oklahomans are out of work and O.E.S.C. paid nearly 20,000 claims on state and federal unemployment benefits. If not for these benefits, bills would have gone unpaid and refrigerators left empty, making already grim circumstances, hopeless.

Read more at: kosu.org

The Economy-Minded Guide to Oklahoma’s 2012 Legislative Session

Joe Wertz / NPR StateImpact

Oklahoma’s 53rd legislature reconvened Monday at the state Capitol. The regular session runs through May, and StateImpact Oklahoma will concentrate our reporting on legislation with a direct impact on the state’s economy and the workforce.

We’ll attend key meetings and hearings in person, but our focus will be explaining the issues, outlining the important debates, identifying influencers on all sides, and reporting what proposed measures really mean for Oklahomans.

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