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Youngstown Students Head Back to School Just Days After District Sues State


Amy Hansen / StateImpact Ohio A new school year kicked off in Youngstown today. But just last week, the city’s school board joined a handful of groups in filing a lawsuit against the Ohio Department of Education. They maintain a new law allowing a state takeover of the district is unconstitutional. Despite the recent legal [...]

Youngstown City School Leaders Fear Loss of Local Control

New legislation passed in both the House and the Senate yesterday calls for transforming the way Ohio handles continually underperforming schools. The reform is directly aimed at turning around failing schools in Youngstown. But some school leaders fear a state takeover will wipe away local control. Under the new plan, once a district receives three [...]

For Some Schools, Levies Are a Last Resort Before a Dreaded State Takeover

Voters will be deciding on more than a thousand tax issues throughout Ohio on Election Day, including nearly 200 school issues. For some districts this election is their last chance before a much dreaded state-takeover. Nordonia Hills schools in Northeast Ohio are desperate for their 6-mill levy to pass. They’ve organized rallies, and honk-and-drives, and the [...]

As a Group, Ohio Urban Charter Schools Deliver Similar Performance for Less Money

Ohio charter schools in the state’s “Big 8″ urban districts perform about the same as other public schools in those districts — at about three-fourths of the cost. (The view varies by district: You can use our sortable table of district and charter school performance to see how each area measures up.) Thirteen years in, [...]

Sortable Table: Ohio Charter School Performance and Costs

jumping child

The performance of charter schools in the state’s largest urban districts ranges: In Cleveland, significantly more charter school students are on-grade level than their traditional public school counterparts, but charter schools spend about $4,000 less per student. In Akron, the traditional public school students are way ahead, but at a cost of about $3,000 more per student.

Ohio School Districts Among Top Ten Nationally for Charter Enrollment

Four Ohio school districts are among the top ten districts nationally with the highest proportions of students enrolled in charter schools, according to a new report from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, a nonprofit organization that nonprofit organization that works to advance “the charter school movement.”

The Ohio districts in the top ten are Dayton (27 percent), Youngstown (24 percent), Cleveland (23 percent) and Toledo (23 percent).

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