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Incoming Kent State President Wants to Prepare Students for the Workforce

Daniel Skinner / WKSU Beverly Warren won’t start her job as the new president of Kent State University until July 1st, but she already has some ideas about how to run the ship. Warren–who’s wrapping up her job as the vice president at Virginia Commonwealth University–was chosen as the university’s 12th president earlier this week. [...]

Kasich Budget Would Cut Back State-Funded College Internship Program

Last year, the Ohio Board of Regents announced $11 million in funding for a program to provide internships for Ohio college students: The investment is part of Governor John Kasich’s workforce development efforts to continue to align Ohio’s higher education curriculum with skills that are in demand by Ohio’s businesses. Next year, Kasich’s proposed budget would [...]

Six Surprising Facts About Education and Workforce Development in Ohio

A 1940 Giacomo Patri linocut depicts working conditions during the Great Depression.

States with higher proportions of highly skilled workers grow faster than those with fewer skilled workers, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland says. By grow, the Fed means in terms of income, productivity and population. And by skilled workers, they mean college-educated people, which they say is a strong though not perfect measure of these [...]

Advice From Recent College Grads: Don’t Major in the Humanities

Nimish Gogri / Flickr Rutgers University researchers surveyed recent college graduates about what they would have done differently in college. The most common answer was pick a different major. About 37 percent said they would have been more careful about selecting my major or chosen a different major. About 29 percent said they would have done more [...]

Why This Ohio FFA Student Was Smart to Study How Tasty Rabbits Are

Blackeiffel / Flickr Among the featured exhibits at last week’s  annual state FFA convention in Columbus was high school senior Taylor Kruse’s study of rabbit meat versus other “commercial meat products,” i.e., beef, chicken, pork and lamb. Kruse compared meat samples’ fat content and tenderness and analyzed them from a food safety standpoint. But she’s not looking to be a [...]

MAP: Where Ohio’s Poor, Jobless, and Less-Educated People Live

About 60 percent of job openings likely to be created in the next six years in Ohio will require education beyond high school, researchers at Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce say. But in nearly one half of Ohio counties, less than one-quarter of adults have at least an associate degree. And counties with higher rates of education tend to have lower poverty and unemployment rates.

The Edu-Rundown on Gov. Kasich’s Midterm Budget Review

Governor John Kasich’s mid-biennium budget included a wide range of legislative initiatives, including a lot on education policy. Here’s our rundown of the key elements of that policy. Many of Kasich’s proposals focused on greater efficiencies in local government, including sharing resources. “When a school can share a treasurer between two school districts which has been largely unprecedented, it can [...]

Dayton Community College Trains Students for the Exciting Kind of Drone Jobs

Training students for the jobs that are out there — and those that are coming soon — is an idea just about everyone supports, from President Barack Obama to Ohio Gov. John Kasich. It’s easier said than done. But Sinclair Community College in Dayton is part of an effort to do just that, the New York Times reports.

Best College Majors if You Want to Find a Job

yellow help wanted sign

Supertobor / Flickr Holly Howard graduated from Bowling Green University nearly three years ago. When we talked to her for a recent story, she was still looking for a permanent job. Oh, and she majored in pop culture. That might have been where she went wrong. A study from the Georgetown University Center on Education [...]

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