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Five Things To Know About Vocational Ed in Ohio

After a twenty year decline in enrollment, vocational education is back in vogue. As employers around the state complain about not being able to find enough qualified workers to fill the jobs they have open, schools and political leaders are starting to take notice. Governor John Kasich recently said he wants to expand vocational education to [...]

Kasich Unveils Big Plans For Education in 4th State of the State Speech

MICHELLE KANU / IDEASTREAM Ohio Governor John Kasich devoted nearly 20 minutes to education in his annual State of the State speech on Monday night. After giving a nod to the Cleveland Plan and hinting that he might support other districts seeking help from the state legislature to improve student achievement, Kasich raised a number [...]

Why Reading and Math are Not Just for the College-bound

Recent cuts in federal funding for vocational and technical education have added more fuel to the “should everybody go to college” debate. Matthew Yglesias, a blogger for the Center for American Progress, writes that it’s “at least plausible” that some students might learn basic reading and math skills in a vocational setting. But the focus [...]

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