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Today’s Role of Collegiate Student-Athletes

PARKER KNIGHT / FLICKR Recently, Northwestern University’s football players began to explore options that would allow them to unionize, and someday maybe even earn a paycheck. “A lot of people will think this is all about money; it’s not,” former Northwestern football player Kain Colter told the Chicago Tribune earlier this year.  “We’re asking for [...]

Teachers Unions Say They’re Ready to Fight “Right to Work” Bills – UPDATED

Republican lawmakers introduced several bills in the Ohio House yesterday that, if passed, would mean employees in unionized workplaces can no longer be required to pay union dues as a condition of employment. That includes teachers unions. “The people have already spoken during the Senate Bill 5 campaign so it’s unfortunate that we have to [...]

Falling Membership in Teachers’ Unions is a “Sign of Things to Come”

Jill Biden, wife of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, speaks at the National Education Association's annual meeting in Washington, D.C. this week.

One of Ohio’s largest unions, the Ohio Education Association, has been losing members. The Ohio teachers’ union is down about 6,000 members compared to five years ago, about 5 percent of its total current membership. The OEA’s national affiliate, the National Education Association, is losing members overall too, USA Today reports. The NEA has lost more [...]

Any Questions for SB 5 Sponsor State Sen. Shannon Jones?

Do you have questions for the state senator who sponsored Senate Bill 5? Tonight could be your chance to get some answers. State Sen. Shannon Jones sponsored SB 5, the collective bargaining law currently the subject of an intense repeal campaign. Tonight she’ll be the featured speaker at the West Chester Tea Party’s monthly meeting, [...]

Ohio Voters to Decide Fate of SB 5: What You Need to Know

The certification Thursday of nearly one million signatures will put Ohio’s collective bargaining law before voters in November. The law severely limits the ability of public workers to engage in collective bargaining. Even though Gov. John Kasich already signed the measure in March, it hasn’t yet taken effect because of a repeal campaign mounted by [...]

Rocking Out with the NEA

The National Education Association, the union representing more than 3 million educators and other education-related workers, has a new theme song. Check out the song created for the NEA’s 2011 Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly. Title: NEA Standing Strong Sample lyrics: Standing strong for America, in everything we do. We’re working for the future, proudly [...]

Signed Teacher Contracts Triple Since 2010

Ohio School Boards Association Director of Management, Van Keating, says he’s surprised by the number of contracts signed this year. According to the Ohio School Boards Association, more than three times as many unions have signed contracts this year as last, and many of those include pay and benefit concessions. Van Keating is director of [...]

The Great Contracts Rush of 2011: Inside Your District’s Contract

Teachers and other school employees have been rushing to sign contracts this spring and summer. Agreements reached by July 1 will be exempt from collective bargaining provisions of Senate Bill 5, whether or not the effort to repeal the bill is successful. Want to see exactly what’s in those contracts? We’ve gathered a sampling of [...]

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