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Teacher Candidates Hope to Leave Their Classrooms for the Statehouse

This time last year, Ohio airwaves were flooded with political ads urging people to vote for or against Senate Bill 5. That was the state law that would have curbed public employees’ ability to collectively bargain, and it lost – big. After that election, many teachers decided they want to become a more direct part of [...]

Students vs. Staff: How School District Staffing Compares with School Enrollment

As we reported yesterday, April 30 is the deadline for schools that plan to layoff teachers to notify them. School districts that have already announced planned layoffs include Cincinnati, Cleveland, Coventry, Dublin, Lorain and Westerville: Among the reasons cited for the reductions are dwindling student populations, cuts in state funding, lower property revenues, and trouble [...]

Hiring Teachers Late in the Year Can Be Bad for Students and Schools

Claremont Colleges Digital Library / Flickr Ohio schools could hire more teachers if the education jobs part of President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act goes forward. The bill includes $1.1 billion to pay teachers and first responders, allocated to states based on both total population and population of school-age children. All funds would need to [...]

How Ohio’s Teacher Liaison Separates the Personal from the Professional

In what she calls her “personal role”, Ohio teacher liaison and former Kasich campaign worker Sarah Dove is a supporter of Senate Bill 5, the law that would limit collective bargaining and replace salary ladders with performance pay, among other things. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you probably [...]

Performance Pay for Teachers Was a Big Deal Twenty Years Ago

Education Week’s interactive timeline digs into the publication’s archives to show the sweep of education policy changes through the years, from the Reagan era on forward. One example, from May 1983: “A dramatic move by President Reagan to “seize the educational initiative” has made teacher pay central in a partisan political debate and has prompted [...]

Meet Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s Chosen Teacher

Ohio Department of Education Senior Policy Director Sarah Dove.

“I disagree with so much of what OEA says and does. I can’t imagine them taking even one more penny from my paycheck.” That’s a Facebook post from Ohio’s new teacher liaison, an elementary teacher from Gahanna named Sarah Dove who has been charged with reaching out to educators across the state to get their [...]

Why Some Accused Teachers Go and Some Stay

Earlier this week, we wrote about a Columbus middle school teacher who was accused of cursing at students and pushing and shoving them. Instead of firing him, the Columbus school district assigned him to work not in a classroom, but in a distribution warehouse. Firing him would have been expensive and would have forced students [...]

Lawsuit Against Ohio Teachers’ Union Latest Salvo in Anti-Union Campaign

Fifteen Ohio public-school teachers filed a federal class-action suit against the Ohio Education Association and its regional affiliates yesterday, claiming that paying union dues violates their civil rights. The suit is part of an effort by Ohio Republicans to reduce the power of public-sector unions. It comes as unions and GOP supporters face off in [...]

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