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Cleveland Plan Showing First Signs Of Success, Says Schools CEO Eric Gordon

Cleveland Schools CEO Eric Gordon

Correction: This story originally stated that CEO Gordon did not discuss a bond issue for school construction on the November ballot.  He did indeed discuss it in both his speech and during the Q&A segment.  We regret the error.    Cleveland Schools CEO Eric Gordon called the 2013-2014 school year a “year of disruption that [...]

The Sound of Ideas: Building a Better Teacher

Movies are filled with inspiring teachers. Think Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds, or Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. These on-screen teachers seem to be blessed with an innate ability to teach. But is it really that simple? Author and journalist Elizabeth Green says the idea of the “natural born teacher” is a myth, but [...]

Talks Stalled and Tensions High Over Controversial Contract Proposal

Negotiations between the Reynoldsburg Teachers Association (REA) and Reynoldsburg City Schools surrounding a proposal that would dramatically change the district’s pay and benefits policies are on hold until August. The proposal first drew widespread attention in May as a bold move to place greater responsibility on teachers for student performance. On July 26th, as teachers [...]

Testing The Test: Ohio Districts Try Out The Common Core Assessment

With her first encounter with the new Common Core Assessment behind her, Lorain math teacher Kristen Mackey is back in her classroom, doing what comes as second nature to her: working through problems with her students. “You have your X,1, Y,1… your X,2, Y,2,” she instructs the class while jotting the equation next to a [...]

Catholic Teachers Union Will Not Support Fired Gay Teacher

Carla Hale, the gay teacher recently fired from a Columbus-area Catholic school, does not have her union’s support in her efforts to get her job back. Hale was initially fired from Bishop Watterson High School after naming her girlfriend in an obituary for her mother. Hale argues she was fired for being gay. The Catholic [...]

Q&A: Buckeye Firearms Association to Arm and Train Teachers

After the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut, both the National Rifle Association and the Buckeye Firearms Association stated the best way to prevent future school shootings is by arming and training teachers and other school personnel. The Buckeye Firearms Association is offering a pilot training course for 24 teachers in the spring, but just two [...]

Years of Budget Cuts Has Meant Fewer Teachers, Courses in Ohio

Ohio school districts have been dealing with fewer dollars from the state and federal government for years. That’s meant cutting back on teachers, which in turn leads to higher class sizes and fewer course offerings. But the Associated Press reports that trend has continued for years, compounding to a 6 percent loss in the number [...]

Are Teacher-Lawmakers Here to Stay?

This year a dozen teachers decided to run for office. Most were inspired by last year’s battle over Senate Bill 5 – the effort to curb public employees’ collective bargaining rights. But does this signal the influx of a new group of candidates for the long-haul? Will teachers join lawyers and political scientists as Election [...]

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