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Teachers Unions Say They’re Ready to Fight “Right to Work” Bills – UPDATED

Republican lawmakers introduced several bills in the Ohio House yesterday that, if passed, would mean employees in unionized workplaces can no longer be required to pay union dues as a condition of employment. That includes teachers unions. “The people have already spoken during the Senate Bill 5 campaign so it’s unfortunate that we have to [...]

Ohio Teachers Union Worried About Common Core Tests

From the East Coast to the Midwest and beyond a backlash is developing to the Common Core – a new set of national education standards that schools in many states are already in the process of implementing. Opposition began with Tea Party groups. But now teachers unions in Ohio say they have their own concerns, [...]

Strongsville Education Association Removes “Wall of Shame” Photo Album

Commenter: "Way to pull down my comment about acting professional. Well played, SEA...well played"

The Strongsville teachers union has deleted an online photo gallery of staff brought in to replace teachers who have been on strike since Monday. The album had been posted on the Strongsville Education Association’s Facebook page, but was deleted Wednesday. StateImpact Ohio wrote about the album on Wednesday:

Strongsville Teachers Post “Wall of Shame” on Facebook

Commenter: "Way to pull down my comment about acting professional. Well played, SEA...well played"

The Strongsville Education Association has taken to Facebook to rally support for its strike. Among status updates about the negotiation process and thank you’s to community members for their support is a photo album titled “Wall of Shame.”

Falling Membership in Teachers’ Unions is a “Sign of Things to Come”

Jill Biden, wife of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, speaks at the National Education Association's annual meeting in Washington, D.C. this week.

One of Ohio’s largest unions, the Ohio Education Association, has been losing members. The Ohio teachers’ union is down about 6,000 members compared to five years ago, about 5 percent of its total current membership. The OEA’s national affiliate, the National Education Association, is losing members overall too, USA Today reports. The NEA has lost more [...]

Ohio Teachers’ Union Turns the Table and Evaluates State Reps

An Ohio teachers’ union is turning the tables on the state lawmakers who were part of the push to change how public school teachers are evaluated in a sign of the tension some educators feel over changes in how they are judged. Ohio’s new model for teacher evaluations — which will be in place in all [...]

Feedback Loop: Ohio Education Agency Starts its Move Into Charter School Territory

We wrote last week about how Ohio’s largest teachers’ union, the Ohio Education Association, will soon organizing teachers and other staff at charter schools. That’s a big change for the union, which doesn’t support the idea of charter schools as they currently exist in Ohio. Not all of our commenters think that’s a good idea. Debbie Rudy-Lack [...]

Ohio Education Association to Unionize Charter School Teachers, Staff

Ohio’s largest teachers’ union wants to expand its membership rolls to a new arena — charter schools. Today the Ohio Education Association voted to begin organizing at charter schools. The Ohio Education Association has never been a fan of charter schools. OEA Vice President Bill Leibensperger says the union doesn’t support charter schools as they currently operate [...]

Columbus Teachers Get Multiple “Last Chances”

Michael Sauers / Flickr “We’ll give you one last chance,” Ohio school district administrators sometimes tell teachers who have been accused of mistreating students multiple times. A “last chance agreement” is a formal document in which the accused teacher basically promises to take certain steps to improve and to cease mistreating students. Any violation of [...]

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