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Teach For America Enters Third Year In Ohio

Teach for America has been around for 24 years but was only given entre into Ohio’s classrooms in 2011, at the urging of Governor Kasich. TFA teachers are chosen for being high college achievers, and are able to bypass the state’s standard licensing process. This year’s TFA corps grew slightly over last year, and is [...]

Ohio Trains More Teachers Than It Needs

Stephanie Gaudion wants to teach children with disabilities.

Like many education majors, Melissa Beaune knew it would be tough to find a job after graduation, especially since she wanted to work with young children. Beaune, a sophomore at Cleveland State University, thought—briefly—about going into a medical field where jobs might be more plentiful. But science and math were  never really her things. She [...]

How Ohio’s New Teacher Evaluations Will Change Student Teaching

Ohio’s educators have been nervously watching the development of a new way to evaluate teachers. They’re nervous because half of their evaluations will be based on student test scores. Officials hope the higher stakes will improve teaching performance. But there could be ripple effects, like big changes in the way student teachers get classroom experience.

Five Things to Learn From Ohio’s New Teacher Preparation Program Evaluations

Teacher helps student

Gates Foundation / Flickr Ohio colleges and universities produce about 6,000 teachers a year. Now, for the first time, there’s a way to tell which colleges of education are doing a good job and which have, well, room for improvement. The Ohio state agency that oversees higher education — the Board of Regents – has released [...]

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