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BGSU Must Pay Thousands to Professor Who Threatened to Shoot Students

Keary O. / Flickr Norman Eckel was frustrated. By the winter of 2005, he’d been teaching business classes at Bowling Green State University for 26 years and felt that students “had gotten worse and worse” over the years, according to court records. So when a student walked into his 11:30 a.m. accounting class 15 minutes [...]

Join a Live Webchat with Midwest Teachers Today

Changing Gears reporter Dan Bobkoff wanted to know “what it’s like to be a teacher today.” So he sat down and talked with three generations: One teacher near retirement, a teacher in the middle of her career and a college freshman who had both of the others as teachers and is now thinking of becoming [...]

Why Some Accused Teachers Go and Some Stay

Earlier this week, we wrote about a Columbus middle school teacher who was accused of cursing at students and pushing and shoving them. Instead of firing him, the Columbus school district assigned him to work not in a classroom, but in a distribution warehouse. Firing him would have been expensive and would have forced students [...]

The Great Contracts Rush of 2011: Inside Your District’s Contract

Teachers and other school employees have been rushing to sign contracts this spring and summer. Agreements reached by July 1 will be exempt from collective bargaining provisions of Senate Bill 5, whether or not the effort to repeal the bill is successful. Want to see exactly what’s in those contracts? We’ve gathered a sampling of [...]

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