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Ohio Average Teacher Salaries Up 12 Percent Since 2005

Click on the map above to see how the average teacher salary has changed over the past five years, district-by-district.

As part of our ongoing reporting on all aspects of education in Ohio, StateImpact took a look at how average teacher salaries have changed over the past five years. Looking at all Ohio public-school teachers, the average salary increased about 12 percent, reaching $56,715 for the 2010-11 school year. Districts with the largest increases in [...]

Mapping Average Teacher Salary Changes in Ohio School Districts: 2005-2010

The average salary for Ohio public-school teachers rose by about 12 percent over the past five years, reaching $56,715 for the 2010-11 school year. Nationally, private-sector workers saw a 13 percent increase in salary over the same period, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Inflation — the prices we pay for consumer goods — rose 11 [...]

Performance Pay for Teachers Was a Big Deal Twenty Years Ago

Education Week’s interactive timeline digs into the publication’s archives to show the sweep of education policy changes through the years, from the Reagan era on forward. One example, from May 1983: “A dramatic move by President Reagan to “seize the educational initiative” has made teacher pay central in a partisan political debate and has prompted [...]

Britney Spears’ “Plan B” Was Teaching

If she wasn’t an international superstar, Britney Spears would be a teacher, she told British music website Popjustice: But what else would be different about your life, what else would you have done [If you’d never released a second single after "...Baby One More Time"]? It would probably pretty much be the same because I’m [...]

Let’s Spend a Billion Dollars Per Student!

The Save our Schools rally in Washington, D.C., last month drew thousands of people from across the nation to protest the the increasing use of test-based accountability and call for increased funding for traditional public schools. Even Matt Damon showed up. Reason.tv captured this interview with a woman wearing an Ohio union t-shirt. (H/t to [...]

Ohio Average Teacher Salaries Range From $17,000 to Nearly $80,000

In comments Friday to a conference of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan called for radical changes to teacher education and recruitment, including paying teachers more. In some cases, much more: We should also be asking how the teaching profession might change if salaries started at $60,000 and [...]

Teacher Performance Pay Happens at the College Level Too

With efforts to introduce performance pay for K-12 teachers into Ohio schools, we thought it would be worth taking a look at how another type of teacher–the college professor–is evaluated and paid. Teaching fourth grade math isn’t the same as teaching a freshman English class, much less doing academic research. But this overview of Ohio [...]

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