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Reynoldsburg Teachers Prepared To Strike Over Merit Pay

Correction: This post originally stated that Cleveland’s is the only school district to have implemented a compensation system centered around performance.  It turns out there are a small handful of other districts that also base pay increases on performance.      Members of the teachers union in Reynoldsburg have authorized a ten day strike notice after [...]

Talks Stalled and Tensions High Over Controversial Contract Proposal

Negotiations between the Reynoldsburg Teachers Association (REA) and Reynoldsburg City Schools surrounding a proposal that would dramatically change the district’s pay and benefits policies are on hold until August. The proposal first drew widespread attention in May as a bold move to place greater responsibility on teachers for student performance. On July 26th, as teachers [...]

Grading the Teachers: Little Connection Between Teacher Pay and Performance

Ray Fatur, who has been teaching for 19 years, says paying experienced teachers more just make sense.

There is little connection between how much money Ohio teachers make and how much knowledge they impart to students over the course of a single year, according to a StateImpact Ohio/Plain Dealer analysis of a new measure of teacher performance. In fact, that analysis of state data shows that within many school districts, teachers who [...]

Cleveland School District Moves Towards Performance Pay

Last night the Cleveland school board unanimously agreed to what city and union officials are hailing as a groundbreaking teacher contract for Ohio. Union members will vote later this month. The contract spells out a new basis for teacher pay hikes. Raises merely for lasting another year in the job are out; so are automatic [...]

Top Paid Ohio Private-College Presidents: Barbara Snyder, Daniel Curran, Grant Cornwell

Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee made $1.9 million last year, making him the best-paid public-college president in the country. His peers in Ohio’s private colleges and universities don’t come close to that standing. The Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual survey of private-college president compensation released this week ranks Case Western Reserve University President Barbara [...]

Superintendent Contract Negotiation Tip: Ask for More Pay and Free Health Insurance

A recent issue of School Administrator magazine offers tips for school superintendents negotiating their employment contracts. They include: Compensation If the board will agree only to an annual base salary below the market rate because of public perception, the board may be willing to put money in a tax-sheltered annuity. Benefits Request the board pay [...]

Liberal Think Tank says Advanced Degrees Don’t Make Better Teachers

A new report from the Center for American Progress argues that teachers with master’s degrees do not do a better job educating their students than their peers without advanced degrees. The report goes on to say that states waste money by giving salary increases to teachers as a reward for getting a master’s degree, spending nearly $15 billion [...]

New Teacher Pension Plan Calls for Raising Teacher Contributions, Retirement Eligibility Ages

Eyton Z / Flickr A new plan being pitched to legislators to ensure Ohio’s teacher pension system can meet its obligations would save the State Teachers Retirement System about $13.3 billion in future pension costs and other accrued liabilities. But it would also have teachers “paying more and getting less,” the Columbus Dispatch reports. The plan approved [...]

Join a Live Webchat with Midwest Teachers Today

Changing Gears reporter Dan Bobkoff wanted to know “what it’s like to be a teacher today.” So he sat down and talked with three generations: One teacher near retirement, a teacher in the middle of her career and a college freshman who had both of the others as teachers and is now thinking of becoming [...]

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