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There’s More Places for Ohio’s Kids To Get A Free Meal This Summer

subewl / flickr The beginning of summer may mean a break from homework and studying, but for many students, it can also mark the beginning of a long stretch without daily, school-provided meals. “People think of the summer as a time to relax and vacation,” said the Ohio Association of Foodbanks’ Executive Director Lisa Hamler-Fugitt. [...]

Keeping Students’ Skills Sharp Over Summer Vacation

AreYouMyRik? / FLICKR Ah, the summer slide. It’s not your child’s playground agenda during their school vacation– it’s a term used for the regression of students’ skills over their scholastic summer breaks. School summer vacations typically leave U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan a little bit baffled. “Students and teachers work so hard, get to [...]

The Sound of Ideas: The Summer Slide

School kids are counting down the days until the end of the school year. But many teachers are already dreading the start of the next school year – and all the time they’ll have to spend re-teaching the material students forget over the course of the summer. How can kids stay engaged during the summer?  [...]

Summer Jobs for Teachers: What’s Yours?

K Nicoll / Flickr Teachers work around 195 days a year in their schools. The rest of the year they spend puttering around the house or loafing at the lake or… working. A few options from the help-wanted ads and other sources for those taking the third route: Teach summer school or in a summer enrichment [...]

Six Reasons Students Get Summer Off (And The Agrarian Calendar Isn’t One of Them)

These Cedar Point fans can thank 19th century school reformers for their time off.

Many people assume that summer vacation came about because families and children had to tend to their farms. Ohio’s top industry is, after all, agriculture. But just ask Assistant Professor Ken Gold with the City University of New York in Staten Island and he’ll tell you that’s not quite the case. There are a number [...]

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